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  1. Cool comp,amazing entries them all.Congratulations to the winners.I like BBQ's idea,If not a flower at least something to do with spring.
  2. Aislin. Outstanding!Love the black and white, it gives it a 50's feel.Tones are amazing.
  3. Welcome, very nice start. Excellent advice from BBQ. Keep up the good work and have fun.
  4. First piece I have submitted to this topic.Thank you all for the encouraging comments.
  5. Ha,Ha,Ha, sorry, I am a bit slow sometimes. I totally understand the cascade merging of layers.I went wrong at the polar transformation step and got my layers mixed up.One and a half hours later I saw what I was doing wrong.Now I am kicking myself.Still,all great fun.
  6. http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n633/dug10/casagraf.png This was a sig I did for my wife's writing forum. I thought it looked kind of realish.....?
  7. http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n633/dug10/Absflower.png This is my attempt.I think I got carried away a wee bit,but I just loved the colours.Great tutorial it has really opened my eyes and my mind.Secrets 1 and 2 saved in XML.Thank you very much for sharing.
  8. I like everything you do, nice style. You always leave me thinking,my! how did he do that? The steampunk (humor as well) brilliant.
  9. COOL! Rust never sleeps.
  10. Cool tutorial!Double invert, brilliant tip,very useful.
  11. Cool start! Keep up the good(sometimes hard work)and you could be as accomplished as Oma...etc.
  12. Great start!Good advice from last posts. Get to know your plug-ins and best place for learning techniques is do some tutorials. Most of all have fun.
  13. I like the water effects but my fav is the Radiohead piece (and sig).Maybe because I'm a bit of a Radiohead fan.Cool gallery .
  14. Good start to your gallery, cool sigs. Like chrisco said serious potential.
  15. dug

    Sharp 7.25.11

    Cool!The green in there makes it feel cool. Nice one.
  16. Nice start.Messing around getting to know the tools,plug-ins etc. can produce some cool images, or ideas for your next project.
  17. Well done N00Bz,Welshy and Yellowman.Everybody else there is always the next comp.Great fun!
  18. Great start to your gallery.Keep up the good work.
  19. Great stuff!I especially like the random shape image.Can't wait for" Animal" looks amazing like everything you do.Thanks for sharing.
  20. Great stuff!You obviously like dents. I like the way you have made abstract almost surreal.
  21. dug

    N00Bz' Gallery

    I like your style. I am just learning about sigs. I really love the empty world piece this is the way I would like to go.I take a lot of urban photos that I think would look good in this style. Cool gallery!
  22. Great start! Waiting to see where you go with it.
  23. After all this time I've just realised that there is a centre align button. Now the gallery looks a wee bit tidier. Thanks for the visit Heat Stroke much appreciated.
  24. http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n633/dug10/stockcomp.jpg Font. Lucida.
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