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  1. Welcome to the forum.Nice start to your gallery.I really like what you did with the font, works well with the rest of the piece.Cool avatar.Hope to see more work from you soon.
  2. Welcome to the comp area. Keep your eye on the main forum competition page to find out what is going on and take it from there.Read the rules and enter,simple as that.Oh! and have fun.
  3. Congratulations Goonfella I am so pleased for you.This was the hardest comp to vote in,all the entries were so good.Well done everyone else.Really great comp, nice one Possum.
  4. Your old work is really good.I like the logo one best.The 2nd one makes me think of a car-wash (cool effect).The 3rd,I am looking for an alien spider to pop out of that amazing webbing.
  5. Page one: Pack of Sigs III and Pack of Sigs IV. Two more batches of sigs for my wife's writing forum she likes to change them quite often. New WotW(flowers)entry, in the comps section. Bottom of page one. It got 2nd. Yippee!
  6. Congratulations to the winners,well done to everyone else,you are the peeps keeping the comps alive.Grand job Possum yet another enjoyable and fun comp cheers.
  7. Go on give it a try,surprise yourself.
  8. Hi,welcome to the forum.You seem to have a handle on what your doing and what you want to do.Good start to your gallery.I don't know much about printers but I am sure someone in the forum will be able to help.Keep up the good work,you and your daughter.
  9. Cheers Possum. Thank you for taking the time,I know how busy you are with the comps,I really appreciate it.
  10. Cheers Welshy for the visit and the comments. Madjic's critique,Yes I was delighted, more of that please.
  11. When you say tablet,I take it you mean a graphics tablet?If yes are they compatible with PdN?
  12. I love the filigree on Calla and goes without saying I admire all your deco flowers. R1 would make a brilliant advert for Yamaha,nice wee change of direction there.Hope your son likes it.
  13. Welcome to the forum.Very good first piece.I have found doing tutorials and learning techniques the best way.Try some of the glass tutorials for glow and reflection.There are quite a few ways to get the effect I think you want.
  14. Welcome to the forum.Nice shades and tones and I think the right colour for your critter. Keep up the good work and hope to see lots more
  15. Cheers BBQ.I have been working on what I call wear and tear brushes(scratches,dirt etc.)What a differance they make for making things look real. As you say learning all the time.
  16. Cheers! Heat Stroke and Helen.Thank you for the wee visit. I appreciate you taking the time.
  17. Thank you Majic for taking the time to give a thorough critique. I thought steampunk was a bit of a mixture of old and modern.The bolts are supposed to be rivets.The silver pipe is supposed to be lagging(insulation) for hot water.The grey path I should have made of metal(wheelchair ramp).Anyway, I am glad it made you laugh
  18. http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n633/dug10/steampunkGENTS.png Steampunk GENTS. This was going to be my entry for the space comp but just couldn't make it spacey enough looking.
  19. The green one for me.Your fractal work has got me interested in Apothosis but I don't think I have the patience for the rendering,saving part of it all.
  20. I think I agree with Skullbonze I like your piece better. Nice one!
  21. I think you have come on in leaps and bounds.So much in such a short time.Keep up the good work.
  22. Thank you all for the comments and seeing the point. Not very artistic or technical but produced in a fit of anger on World Earth Day!
  23. I think you have caught the lighting/shadow well,gives the right atmosphere. The jellyfish is amazing.
  24. New cheeky piece, page one.A wee bit of political satire. Are we killing the planet?
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