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  1. Okay, I'll verse someone with this signature!
  2. Aw N00Bz took my spot again T-T N00Bz: 1 TheHowler: 0 N00Bz c4d is effectively used
  3. Schnicka: 1 N00Bz: 1 I like both signatures but I love N00Bz use of the stock. The grainy effect when used effectively looks great, I believe N00bz utilizes it in a great way.
  4. Sfifer: 2 Keither Cancel: 0 I think Sifer's has really nice flow, the c4d is effective. Keither, yours is good but the flow is a bit odd
  5. Kemaru: 3 Schinika:0 @ Kemaru: I like the brightness of the signature however the left side is very bleh. @ Schinika: Could be more visually eye appealing nevertheless the stripes look cool So I enter with this: (its from an online game I play) (back ground was created by me)
  6. DANGIT! I just came back from vaca today and I missed this one
  7. K_I_N_G- 2 PTG- 0 King's signature was much brighter the flow is great and the render is clearly shown, and the text is easy to read PTG- No clear render, the text is hard to read, as axle said, lots of head turning. I like the vivid colors and how it seems the text is bouncing out at you
  8. Updated with signatures made FOR friends !
  9. Any more SOTW's? I missed my chance with this one, but I'll be happy to participate in the next
  10. Updated with a new style I'm trying Oh and need help on how to make my texts look lest bleh
  11. , I've tried before and it didn't look pretty.. I can try another one and post it on here for you guys to see, but don't expect much
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