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  1. guys i am leaving PdN and use ps from now on. you can still find my works on dA or my gallery which is linked at my sig. I may occasionally come and check the forum. goodbye.
  2. New: -Wizard -Rocketeer
  3. New: -Star Fox Signature @TH Tnx man!
  4. New: -Fairy Tail Signature -mADNESS Signature
  5. New: -Spread the Love Signature
  6. @Kemaru that's harsh Updated my dA account today =D
  7. the text could use a new font
  8. New: -Iron Man dA ID reuploaded all my sigs starting from ragE above to dA
  9. @TH Me too but i tried for fun @bbq tnx
  10. - Lights may die but the skies don't lie

  11. New: -Break Through Signature Trying out new text style and using sprites
  12. 160GB per second!!! well it's still gonna be in 2020.
  13. your new ava is good and simple!
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