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  1. @Kemaru that's harsh Updated my dA account today =D
  2. - Lights may die but the skies don't lie

  3. 160GB per second!!! well it's still gonna be in 2020.
  4. you had over a mil. because you killed your family and friends and everyone you loved, Sorry I wish for my internet to be faster
  5. many people took part in it but didn't follow the rules and was banned. I wish I had a photographic memory
  6. Good job. could have used some text though.
  7. Haven't tried making galaxy. would try this. ditto
  8. NCIS: Good investigation show but has funny parts. Chuck: Funny series about spies. One Piece: Good story and arcs. Detective Conan: Nice plots and tricks.
  9. ... you go to the forums than study for tour exams ... you open pdn everyday
  10. @NMD21 you can use the edit button. ripples are good and so is the raindrops(?). gradient bars gives it a mountain kind of look. overall good. Rate please: hand made text. no fonts or anything
  11. 3/10 looks bad, doesn't look like it is moving at high speed use motion blur instead.
  12. I hate it when people act like a kid on the 'net
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