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  1. Oh well. It turned out small, but hopefully big enough for this challenge:
  2. Hooray! I'm proud to present you another graphic package for a fictive news programme. Its based on my other news package and does look more lighter and simpler. Once again 100% created on a Computer with Paint.NET 3.5.8
  3. Used stock photos: http://geniusbeauty....unset-sands.jpg (glass reflection)
  4. Whoops. Almost forgot to post my newest creations here. Here are 3 website design drafts i made completely with Paint.NET, which i will realize soon. click on the pictures for a bigger image. The first one was finished 3 months ago, but I am still not happy with it. You might not see the final result as a website. (but its mainly because i lost interest of the original idea of the website. ) The third one is not complete yet. But if I will find some more time, I will finalize this one and maybe do another update. Because I think this one looks very nice for me.
  5. No. Its called Serif 3DPlus 2.0. I most use it for quick 3D text. The software is pretty basic and is like 10 years old.
  6. Finally a new update. Just a small, but a fine one. This time both pictures are 100% done with Paint.NET. No other software was used. Feedback is allowed.
  7. Alright. Here is the newest update: for my little online tv project. if there would be a technical problem, this picture will show up. also for my project. this could be a part of the website. as you can see, this is a button to the team pages. the team logo was done with an other animation program. and i know it looks "overloaded". Inserts for (what do you expect) ZERO Fernsehen. the inserts were done with photoshop and paint.net plugins. new logo for the verschluss blog Inserts for a news show. They will show up in the top. Blue is for the evening and night. And yellow for the morning and afternoon. The "The Latest" Logo was also done with an other animation program. Sorry for my bad english this time.
  8. Wow. I'm suprised. Thanks for the positive feedback. I have looked on my old computer for old pictures i've made with paint.NET: Don't wonder, if some pics look bad.. There were some from 2009 and 2010. :O
  9. Hey Guys. Heres histi and I use Paint.NET for now 2 years. Here are some pics I made with this software: http://img856.images...158/planeth.png http://img269.images...53/headerdi.png http://img839.images...77/72279394.png http://img823.images...amateurhaft.png http://img815.images...4026/indeyx.png My pictures are mostly made 100% with Paint.NET I will post more pictures soon..