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  1. Thanks. I`ll have a look at Pixey`s tut. Progress at last! Midora with your help and Pixey`s tut I made this - Not sure how to add it to my Amplifier though.
  2. I have been playing around with these plugins all afternoon but just can`t get the hang of it. I know they have readme files and examples but there is no substitute for a detailed tutorial - especially for a numpty like me. Any chance of one?
  3. I really must try out this plugin. Animations made with it are awesome!
  4. Not forgetting racerx's animations. Thanks Drew
  5. For a quick hack that is pretty impressive racerx! Thanks for taking the time.
  6. Downloaded the updated one and it is much faster. Thanks. As far as the Diffusion Factor is concerned, I assume that is just the opacity setting. Does not really alter the fuzziness of the shadow.
  7. Dryda that is outstanding! I love the colours and all the detail, especially the nebula. Putting the little character in the picture was a stroke of genius. It gives the image real depth and gives it a nice sense of scale. Great work.
  8. Thanks Dryda. racerx that`s awesome. Thanks for animating it. I did not expect that when I logged on this evening. What a nice surprise. Queen is always a good choice no matter which song you prefer. I`m kicking myself now though because I did have all the layers I used for the VU monitors saved separately, so it would have been possible to animate the needles as well bouncing back and forth to the music. But once I had sorted them out and flattened them to make it easier to adjust their size & position I deleted the separate layers as there were so many and I did not think I would need them again! That`s taught me a lesson (even after all these years using PDN) . You never know if you might need all the layers at some point, so save them ! After seeing what is possible now I might go back and remake them anyway.
  9. I have an Acer Aspire V with a Core i7 CPU . The version of the plugin is
  10. Thanks for all the great comments. Much appreciated. racerx - I also used old stuff in new images when I think it could save time. With this one there was nothing I already had so it had to be made from scratch. JD - good suggestion, Forgot about that one. Sorry Helen I can`t hear what you are saying - music is too loud! - Party time! Skullbonz, I have to admit it would be awesome to animate the graphic equalizer. We Are the Champions or Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen would be a good choice for some music.
  11. I think it must depend on your PC , as I find the rendering quite slow. I make a small adjustment and have to wait for the plugin to do its stuff before moving on. But I only have integrated graphics and not a dedicated graphics card which I am sure would be faster..
  12. Oh yes Red, lots of patience! It`s just a case of plodding through step by step. The trickiest part is trying to work out how to replicate PS effects in PDN. A classic example is the knobs. JD , funny you should mention the vinyl record. That is the method I used. Getting the radial brushed metal effect was straightforward enough and adding the highlights as well. Trying to get it looking like realistic metal is where the problem was for me. I tried the Metallize plugin, Curves , adjusting the Levels and the blend modes but could only get what I would consider as an adequate , but not really realistic, finish.
  13. Jumping jehosafats! Thats great animating Seerose. I love the way the rose changes colour as it moves. Very clever.
  14. Thanks Seerose. Always nice to hear from you. Glad you liked it JD (hope you don`t mind being called JD - it`s easier on my fingers & thumbs! ) The reason I made this image was simply that I had not done it before. I always enjoyed making various kinds of gadgets as well as spacescapes and this was one I had never attempted before. You can see my others on Fans if you are interested.
  15. Thanks FotoFactory. Sorry I took so long replying. New image posted of a Music Amplifier. Based on this PS tut but as usual all created with PDN instead. Could not get my wheel adjusters looking quite as nice as the ones in the tut though. Needs to have a more metallic texture. Guess that`s the advantage of having layer styles in PS although I am sure there must be a method to replicate it better in PDN, I just havn`t found it yet.
  16. Sorry if it came across as critiquing PDN. That's not what was intended.
  17. No disrespect intended at all EER. I do appreciate the work Rick puts in. I am just a bit disappointed that the way PDN is structured prevents this type of adjustment to the selections. Once Boltbait mentioned why it was not possible that was fine by me. But you have to admit it is a limitation that it would be nice not to have . Also you are quite right, the underlying architecture is probably more complex than I could ever imagine as I know nothing about coding. But that does not stop me from having my own opinions.
  18. Well I got my very first laptop, a Dell Inspiron, in 2008. Being new to computers I was a bit nervous about downloading anything and I kept going back to the download page and chickening out. But in the end I took the plunge, clicked on the download button and have not looked back. PDN has always been the first program I install on any new laptop and has become a permanent fixture . A few times when I found myself struggling for inspiration I have thought about uninstalling it, but that`s as far as it`s got. Just a thought. I suppose the reason I wanted an image editing program was to try my hand at making my own images, especially spacescapes as I have always been fascinated by space and spaceflight since I was a kid. Once I had PDN I went on YouTube and looked at as many video tutorials as I could find, doing each one in turn. Finally I felt confident enough to want to post some of my images online. So first I joined PDN Fanatics (now sadly gone because of spamming but replaced with PDNFans). To be honest I did not want to join this forum at first and just used Fans but then I needed some advice about a plugin (don`t ask me which one, it`s so long ago now I can`t remember) so on September 6 2008 I registered and have been here ever since.
  19. Interesting suggestion MJW. Thanks. Really if PDN wants to compete with the best something pretty basic like this should be possible. But as its not I guess its something we'll have to live with.
  20. Ah - so it`s not possible to create a plugin such as this then. Shame. Guess I will have to find a work around - or switch to Gimp! (only joking ) Thanks Boltbait.
  21. I was just wondering if there is a plugin that grows or shrinks your selections like in Gimp or Photoshop. I have looked through the plugins and not seen any , but knowing me there is one, I just have not found it yet. If there isn`t one would such a plugin be possible in PDN? It would be very useful. This Gimp video by Monsoonami was what made me wonder about it. If you don`t want to watch the whole thing he first uses the effect about 2.30 into the video.
  22. Nice! I like R1 Eclipse. Lovely colours and textures. Two great pieces. Well done Bbq. (R1 is a gorgeous bike , although I`m not sure about this years model with those tiny headlights hidden away. Bit too much emphasis on making it look like a race bike)
  23. Thanks nitenurse. Max I`ve had another go at making the sig but I can`t remember how I got the rough sea to turn to ice! I can see the different layers and the layer settings on the original but this is just for the final image. The way I got there has stumped me. I know I used Gaussian Blur but now I get a totally different result. If only I could remember! So it`s unlikely that I will get a tut out of it. If I could replicate the sig I would have made one. Sorry.
  24. Looks like Shape3D has some serious competition at last! Awesome TR. Downloading right now. :beer:
  25. Hi Max. Welcome aboard. Posted my entry. Instead of creating a rough sea I used FurBlur to make ice - which I am stuck in! Originally the idea was just to make the text look as if it is in the water but after playing around with various settings I thought it looked like it was stuck in an ice field so that`s what I stuck with.
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