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  1. That`s one of the disadvantages of living in Jersey. Nowhere to open up the bike. The longest stretch of straightish road is along St.Ouens Bay. The common name for it is the Five Mile Road . Don`t know why because it`s only 2.4miles long! It`s not the best place to try your luck either for the same reason as Drew gave about the motorways. I have - ahem - `explored' the capabilities of the bike occasionally (very occasionally ) but not before doing a pass one way first to check the coast is clear - well it is by the seaside after all! The lower speeds here is one of the reasons I finally swapped bikes and moved to a more comfy upright bike. The Blade was OK enough and being the 2001 model it was a decent ride but still not as nice to ride as the CB1. The biggest difference I have noticed is the way the new bike makes it`s power. Believe me - it`s easier to get caught out speed wise on the CB1 than it was on the Fireblade because the acceleration is instant, whereas the Blade, while most certainly not slow, needed more work to access the power. Second is the view. You can see so much more in traffic and turning your head is not such a pain as it was before. I would still have kept the old Blade if I could though. 14yrs with a bike is a long time and you get to know a bike inside out. I still miss it sometimes but am glad I changed.
  2. Great vid and awesome choice for the music Barbie. Really enjoyed that. Amazing job on the bike. You would never know it is a TX750. Loved the shot with him holding his arms in the air! I have a couple more pieces on the way for the bike so I'll post some more photos when I fit them. Oops! Somehow managed to post this twice.
  3. Great vid and awesome choice for the music Barbie. Really enjoyed that. Amazing job on the bike. You would never know it is a TX750. Loved the shot with him holding his arms in the air! I have a couple more pieces on the way for the bike so I'll post some more photos when I fit them.
  4. Thanks racerx. I need to adjust the wiring on the tail tidy though. It was put on by the shop when the bike had it`s first service but instead of tucking it away under the seat like in the instructions they squeezed it underneath so if I do get caught in rain the wiring is exposed to the elements. Very clever! I just have to pull the wiring through , re-connect everything and zip tie it so it`s tidy. Not something I was expecting to do though. Nice bike the GSX-S1000 , especially in red. What I do like is the fact that a bellypan is fitted as standard - something Honda rather surprisingly does not do. They don`t even have one as an accessory. Ermax do a nice one though. I have read that the fuel injection on the GSX-S is a bit snatchy opening up from closed. But I guess you soon train your right hand to compensate though. I had that on my old 2001 Fireblade. It was the first injected Blade and opening the throttle from closed was just like that. Eventually I fitted a PC to smooth it out. Seerose your`re so right. Everything about motorbikes is great ! Glad to see you back on two wheels Drewdale. I think biking is in the blood and once a biker - always a biker. I can`t see myself ever without a bike. I`ve had one since I was 17 and just luv `em to bits. Lovely bike to get back into biking with. Lots of horses to ride there! Have fun .
  5. It sure does! Opened it up a bit for the first time the other day. WOW! Lovely classic bike that. Lucky guy to have a motorbike for his birthday.
  6. Red - it SOUNDS better as well! Still got to take the baffle out. Apparently it sounds even nicer without it and is not too loud. Easy to do and replaceable if I prefer to have it in ( unlikely!) I see you`ve found some footage of me then Boltbait! ( I wish!) Nice bike, although not exactly my thing. update - baffle is now out. Sounds even better now. A much deeper, throatier sound without being too loud.
  7. I have not been around much recently but there is a very good reason why - my first new motorbike for 14yrs! Finally traded the Fireblade for a CB1000R. So most of my time has been spent running it in, polishing, adding new bits, polishing and more running in. I`ve taken a few photos which were processed in PDN though - Taken soon after I bought it. Bog standard with no accessories added - New, nicer sounding end can fitted - And the latest, with the tail tidy added - Just a rear hugger needed now but that will have to wait until next month. Plus some nicer bar end weights, a sml screen for the front , some wheel stripes...... Oh the joys of motorbikes!
  8. Excellent work Djisves! It`s always nice to see people adapting a tut to get their preferred result. Best way to learn. The B&W image is super. The diamond necklace just needs a bit of a drop shadow to match the rest of the image. Other than that I can`t fault it.
  9. Beautiful! Chrome is superb. I would have put a big red ruby or something in the middle personally but yours is just as good. Nice work Pixey.
  10. Great work Seerose. Very well done. A few more sparkles perhaps but that`s all.
  11. Interesting use of the tut Pixey. Nice glassy diamonds. I see what you mean about steps 6 & 7. I do say 'first layer' and 'first ROCK layer' but I can see it could be a bit confusing so as soon as I get the chance I will edit the tut to include the actual names of the layers. You are right I did forget the Cell Texture. I will fix this as well later. Thanks for the feedback. Edit - changes made and Cell Texture link included.
  12. Fabulous new images Skullbonz. I particularly like the planetscapes. Having Terragen to create the landscape to use in PDN makes such a difference. I know from when I had it on my old laptop. Sadly this one is not powerful enough to cope with it . Your Gallery just gets better and better.Keep up the good work.
  13. Thanks Max, nice of you to say so.
  14. Great images guys! You've got the sparkliness spot on and the jewels look great. Well done.
  15. Sorry you found the tut a bit tricky Nitenurse. I have added a better explanation about where to add the new layers in steps 8&9 concerning the blue overlay and the cell texture layers. Hopefully this will avoid any confusion in the future. For the sparkles there is always the Custom BrushesMini plugin , TR`s Star Filter or Madjik`s Sparkle Effect plugins. I have added a link to Madjik`s version but it`s entirely up to you. Looking at your image it seems to me that you might have forgotten to use the AA`s Assistant after the Crystalize plugin at step 4 which is why you seem to have a white shadow below the diamonds. AAA gets rid of this. Also , as I mentioned to Seerose , a darker background would set off the diamonds a bit better. Keep trying. Best of luck
  16. Helen I would not have taken it any other way . Thanks very much. Look forward to seeing what you come up with nitenurse.
  17. Max you are right there. The technique I ended up using in the tut is quite different to the one I used for the original image. The method I used to start with tended to give random results and made it tricky to recreate the diamond effect so I had to think of an alternative method which was more consistent and would give the same , or similar, results each time. I never used Fragment or Cell Texture effects in the original and the blend modes of some of the layers are different. Also I never used a blue overlay . Although Apply Texture was used in both. I actually think the tut method gives an even better result. EER , glad you like it. Are we going to see one of your creations using it? Seerose , nice text but I think it is being drowned out by the Lens Flare and the background texture. I think if you dropped the flare and changed to a darker background your diamonds would look even better.
  18. Max you will be pleased to know that I have finally come up with a way to replicate the diamond effect so a tutorial has just been posted. Enjoy.
  19. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it This is a tutorial on how to make the diamond text I used in my image. After much experimenting I think have finally come up with a method which I hope can be easily replicated to give a similar effect each time. Before you start you will need - a couple of stone textures. I made mine using the Stone 101 thread here. There are several to choose from. You can either make your own or I have added mine for you use. The Dotspecial font available on Dafont.com here. Boltbait`s Selection Tools available in his plugin pack here. dpy`s AA`s Assistant from his pack here The Apply Texture plugin by niwax here. For the sparkles you could use Majik`s Sparkle Effect plugin. And finally Davidf `s Cell Texture plugin . Let`s get started. 1.Open a new image of your chosen size. Mine is 800x300. Create or import a texture of your choice to use as your background. I prefer a darker one as it shows off the text best. 2.Using the Dotspecial font, on a new layer write your text in white, size 110, then align centre.Duplicate the layer,uncheck one copy and move it below the background layer as you will need it later. 3.Pick the Magic Wand, Flood Mode set to Global and Tolerance 50%, then select your text. Now go to Effects>Selection>Bevel Selection at these settings 4.Keeping the text selected next use Effects>Distort>Crystalize at these settings- Deselect and use AA`s Assistant at default settings which should leave you with something like this- 5.Duplicate the text three times.Rename the layers if you prefer. 6.Now, with the top two rock layers unnchecked,go to the Text Fragment layer and use Effects>Blurs>Fragment at these settings- 7.Now make the Text rock 1 layer active and go to Effects>Object>ApplyTexture and use the darker one of the rock textures. Change the layer Blend Mode to Difference. Repeat with the Text rock 2 layer and change the Blend Mode to Negation giving you something like this - Of course these blend modes are just suggestions. Feel free to try different textures and blend modes to create the effect you prefer. 8.New layer at the top above all the others. Change the primary colour to 0094FF and use the bucket tool to fill the layer with this colour. Next go the previously saved text layer below the background,pick the Magic Wand which should still be on Global and select outside the text. Next go to the blue layer and press Delete. You should now just have the blue colour in the text. Change the Blend Mode to Overlay, opacity 60. 9.Now with the colour still the same, make another new layer above the others,rename if you wish, and go to Effects>Render>Cell Texture at these settings- Same as before, select outside the text and delete to leave the effect just on the text. Then change the blend mode to Overlay leaving this effect- 10.Now all you have to do is add a few random sparkles to the diamonds and you are finished. You could of course make some nice jewellery using this method as well. Don`t feel you are restricted to just making text . I am sure this technique could be adapted to create other objects. Now let`s see what you can come up with.
  20. This seems to be one of those effects that I just can`t replicate . I have tried twice now and even taken screenshots and made notes as I go along hoping I would need them for a tut but it`s no good. I`ll have a few more tries at it but don`t hold your breath waiting.
  21. Great new image Dryda. Nice texture on the planet and I like the rings, they are really well done and you have added the shadows on the planet as well. Does not look very glassy to me though. The outer texture (which I assume is the glass - don`t hesitate to correct me if I am wrong) looks more like an atmosphere. Nice touch to add a moon. If it is supposed to be on the same plane as the rings though, then I think the perspective of the horizontal part of the arm is not quite right. But if is supposed to be lower than the rings then it looks to me, with the planet at that angle, as if it will hit them as the arm swings around. Small details I know but it`s those that can make the difference with an image. But all in all another very well made planet. Nice one.
  22. There is this PS tut which I based the image on. I could have a go and see about a PDN version I suppose.
  23. I got it from this website. There is a great selection. http://www.allsmileys.com/
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