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  1. hi, i'm your typical user - looking for something a little more advanced than ms paint, not wanting to pay. i feel your program is probably the best, but i decided to take the time to write to you why i'm not going to use it, just stick with ms paint, so that you may adjust your site to better suit users such as myself. ... i LOVE my computer. i do not like viruses. nor do I like unknown sites, or the possibility of downloading things that might mess with my registry. we've all had to wipe our drives because of some little thing that people like to secretly put on downloads, and the internet has gotten to the point where you can't even click on a 'top 10' site for fear of it being the tip of a hack iceburg. so when your download page has one of those 'download here' ads, it means danger, and when your download link leads me to some unknown site, it probably means there's a possibility of it messing with my 'tool bar' or that there's going to be some kind of malware going on. as a guy who's grown up with the internet and dealt with everything out there, what i'd like to know before i download your program is - how safe is your program? why are you using this particular 3rd party download site? is there anything added in the install that is going to make me have to wipe my drive? who is accountable for the security of this program? computers are personal, and the internet is the Wild West. you guys are free, which means it possibly could be a scam. your site does nothing to alleviate these fears, thus i will not use it. thanks!
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