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  1. Great new wallpapers Barbie. I think Warship is my favourite. It has a great 3D effect and nice colours. Motorbike themed images are super. Don`t Brake is awesome.
  2. Thanks Oceana. These are the only type of diamond I can afford that's for sure!
  3. Max, Seerose - thanks for commenting. Glad you liked it.
  4. Max, Dryda & johnnysdream - thanks for all your nice comments. johnny the only reason I don`t go large is the laptop. It tends to struggle a bit when things get too big. If it was more powerful I would try bigger ones but until I can get a better laptop 800x600 it will have to be. Sorry. I was just playing around with textures and the Apply Texture plug in and I got a nice diamond text effect. Got the idea from a PS tut but made it 100% PDN . All the textures used were made in PDN as well. I think there are a couple of rock ones duplicated and blended, a metallic one, a hexagonal one,and a leather one for the background.
  5. Thanks Max. Great smiley`s - especially THUD! Nice of you to say so Seerose. Thanks very much.
  6. Just seen the motorbike. Now that`s the future of biking! Imagine if you could buy this kit for your bike.
  7. New image posted. I have called this one Inferno as I think it looks like space is on fire. Made using a selection of cloud images rather than from scratch and a ringed planet I already had from a previous image. Hope you like it.
  8. No fractals or anything, just the Neonflames website and some post processing in PDN.
  9. Very nice Seerose, very colourful. I like the fine lines on the right hand side. I have seen real nebulae like this.
  10. Thanks Max, Hope you have a flaming good time ! (oh dear )
  11. Thanks everyone for all the nice comments. Glad you all liked it. EER - never realized you had already posted the link some time ago. Oh well it can be found in two places now. I must explore more of the different settings to see what kind of results I get. It really is a handy website.
  12. New image called Nebulous. I found this great website called Neonflames which lets you create your own nebulae. The results are amazing so I created this image just to give a rough idea of what you can do. It has been worked on in PDN afterwards. I desaturated it and added my own colouring and stars but the actual nebula was made using this website. I think I will be using it for my spacescapes in future .
  13. No,I don't mind at all. Please go ahead and use it.
  14. Well many many thanks to racerx . He has added We Are The Champions by Queen as a soundtrack to the amplifier. It`s just a shame I can`t share it with you all due to copyright issues. Once again, thanks racerx for adding the finishing touch to a great project. :music:
  15. Thanks for the offer racerx, much appreciated. How about We Are The Champions? After having another look at the graphic equalizer it does seem a bit jumpy. I think I just need to refine the alignment of the layers a bit. Also if I can I want to slow it down a little. I was just so pleased that it was all working that I just saved and posted it straight away. It might be worth waiting for the final version before adding music. No need to waste your time on this one. I want it to look as good as I can get it for Queen. Refinements completed. Slowed it down to 200ms and sorted out the layers. At first I thought slowing it down meant reducing the ms so I made it 60. Boy was that fast music!
  16. After much experimenting I have managed to animate my amplifier. Many thanks to Midora,Racerx and Pixey for her tut. Could not have done it without you guys. Made a few adjustments and slowed down the needles a bit. All ready for some Queen. :music:
  17. Well I decided to try my method of adjusting the position of both the VU`s and the equalizer and it worked! Took a bit of time to add a needle and adjust it on every layer ( 15 in all) but I think it was worth it. What do you think? Only thing missing is music but that`s a whole new level I have no idea about.
  18. I have my own graphic equalizer as well for the amplifier. I also tried adding the VU animation but the plugin just scrolls through the different layers so first the VU moves and then the equalizer but not both at the same time - which is fine as it is just how the plugin is supposed to work. I thought maybe instead I could have layers containing the movements of both the equalizer and the VU needle so as the plugin scrolls through the layers both should move giving the result I am after. More work but its the only way I can see to get both working at the same time.
  19. Great tutorial Pixey. Helped me make this - Now to work out how to add it to the Amplifier image.
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