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  1. Great result xmario. I looked on your Russian tutorial and I think that is a better way to get the rainbow effect than on mine. Nice work on the image and the tut.
  2. Snipping tool is a good idea. Think I'll probably do that in future. Real shame this plugin is unlikely to be updated though.
  3. No it`s not dead. You can still use it but you just can`t save any new settings or use saved ones. You have to enter them all over again manually. I think until this problem is fixed the best option, though a bit long winded I know, is to keep a record of any settings you are going to need again using Notepad and saving it somewhere convenient on your PC. At least you won`t have to try and remember them again. Just refer to the file you saved.
  4. So that`s the problem. Guess I should have included the log. Sorry.
  5. Plugin must need updating then. Can`t see that happening any time soon though so I guess that`s one part of it we will have to do without now.
  6. At the bottom of the UI for this plugin is the button to save whichever XML settings you are using at the time so that you do not have to re-enter all the values again. I have used it a lot in the past and have quite a few XML files saved for when I need them. However just now I tried to save an XML file for Seerose`s new Egg tut but Paint.Net crashed immediately and I was told that PDN `had encountered an unhandled exception and must close'. I never even had a chance to save my progress. This has happened three times now. Is this the plugin at fault or v4.05 of PDN?
  7. OK thanks for explaining that TR. Looking forward to your themes.
  8. I`m not getting the preview like in the screenshot. It still only gives me the basic nodes in the Node Pad. I double checked and I do have the latest version. Would just having Integrated graphics play a part in this?
  9. I would go for the darker one as well. So atmospheric ( in space!? ). I think Dryda is right . These are your best so far. Nice work.
  10. I fear fdsaevad has probably left the forum now and won't be returning. I think he would have relied by now if he was still here.
  11. Swankyfrank if you really want to advise people on how to safely download PDN I think you should offer up a bit of an explanation as well rather than just posting a link and nothing else.Some people need a bit of reassurance to go with it and it makes this forum a bit friendlier as well . Please don`t take this the wrong way. It`s great you are helping out and is appreciated but just bear this in mind in future. Hopefully fdsaevad will see we are trying to help and download PDN after all eh?
  12. If you go to the correct place, as Swankyfrank has posted in the link above, you will be fine. There is no more risk downloading PDN than any other program. I have used it for years. The one thing I would stress is that if you do download it only get your plugins from this forum where you know they are safe. Do not download them from anywhere else. I have never had a problem with malware on this site in all the years I have used it. Don`t let paranoia ruin your time on the net. Just take sensible precautions and you should be fine.
  13. That`s superb Eli. Really original thinking there. Looks fantastic. TR - got the latest version. Now Eli has given me something to think about with her nebula.
  14. Thanks skullbonz. Glad to keep you occupied - for a while!
  15. Coffee and croissants! My favourite Sunday brekkie. I like your World Cup football from last year. Have to admit Germany was the best team. But then when you have Arsenal players in the team (Ozil & Mertesacker) that`s not surprising.
  16. Some great footballs being posted Well done to all. Nice to see the tut not just being followed but also adapted to various projects .
  17. I like the animation racerx. Nice job. Thanks DrewDale. Colourful result you have there.
  18. Thanks Eli. At least now I know what I was doing wrong. MJW - sounds awfully complicated to make any plugin - especially to someone like me who knows zilch about coding. ( tried it again and it works great. )
  19. Nice football racerx. The panels look really 3D. Strange that you say Engrave/Emboss doesn't work in 4.05. I have this one and it works fine - as you can see in the tut. Are you sure you have the latest version of the plugin?
  20. I must admit that I had the same problem as Eli. I actually thought it was not working properly and uninstalled it ! I might have another go now I know it was just me.
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