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  1. very nice work! love the starscapes!
  2. ive tried this and the other plugin "silhouette" and have gotten no such result as the one below-which should be what the plugin is for,right?
  3. turns everything i've tried to black. that's it.
  4. anyway to curve letters in paint.net as if using wordART? update: tried bulge in distort submenu and it doesnt work too well
  5. what was edited in this picture?
  6. this looks awesome : ) more organized and easier to navigate through!
  7. first added glow and then lomography. awesome effect to mess with!
  8. the color flip/tint and all that doesnt work. i get this error report everytime i try to open it and then view the error details. i saw ed harvey bug because it lists ed harvey effects in the report. i have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling paint.net UPDATED: RE-INSTALLED AND NOW WORKING PROPERLY
  9. some clouds, i think this goes here? :oops: some play with clouds and gif
  10. this is fun to mess around with, thanks! reppin the newbies
  11. i am completely lost with all the layers you did. there is no instruction about blending modes nor if we are supposed to just merge all of them at the end...
  12. love your card Crimson, eventhough you stole half my username!! lol!!!
  13. lost me at the cloud step
  14. great and clear tut! love your screenshots!
  15. i like the last one especially, what'd you do?
  16. font freak and font foundry are awesome sites for free fonts!!!
  17. hey you didnt include the last step for merging the layers down for the newbies : ( just trying to represent the newbies 8)
  18. dude, yours is hella blurry
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