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  1. Thanks, another question now.. when i get a render, it has a black background ive not cut the render out from everything els, but it has a white background.. how can i make that so its see through and i just see the car? thanks
  2. hey, when i have 2 layers, and say i move the 2nd layer, then why cant i deselect that section? like this.. you can see the selected area, well then it just stays like that until i save it? and when it is like that i can not use text outside the selected area. cheers
  3. well tbh, the other two were me just starting off, this is just like... my pics now... delete it if you want, cbf with <No cursing.> on forums pissed off with it
  4. dont ask, when im bored i just go on paint.net and do some weird stuff "Neon Splash" And my sig Below..
  5. i werent dragging the nubs.... Resized to fit somewhere... CTRL+R...
  6. Before for the second pic : on the first pic its just a slight blur / black and white faded into the colour one to give the bottle a colour, on the second a deeper blur, the black and white, fade into the bottle, and the writing on there nothing too high spec lol, but then again, im only just starting, and havinga play around!
  7. couple jack daniels picks:
  8. had a go at editing a few of my rallying photos! and the second : Originals: and: And a pic of me rallying last night: Any ideas on how to make it look even better?
  9. thanks 8) , and yes, i know im dumb :wink:
  10. any way of getting more of them?
  11. i have had the same, it dosent bring all the picture out, only some sections of it
  12. hey, im stick on how to resize the pictures, some of you on here can get them to 300-120, when i go to 300 the other goes to about 225 ish, or anyway they always move together, i cant get the size i want, whys this? thanks
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