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  1. Wow you're amazing! Love your work!
  2. Try using a stock as a background. Doing so makes sigs way more interesting. Also try blending in the render with the other stuff more. It looks a bit out of place right now. Overall the sig just needs more effects. But good job and keep it up
  3. I use it as a hobby. I like making sigs when I'm bored and paint.net is a free program for me to do so.
  4. haven't used pdn for ages. whipped up something really quickly yesterday. hope it's not too bad ahaha
  5. they aren't even the same tutorial. and the images in my 'original' cannot be refreshed lol my old pb got banned and i don't have the original files on my computer anymore
  6. Haven't been her for ages. Found this tutorial in my drive while I was scrolling over all my files just now. Hope someone finds it interesting and helpful
  7. not bad add more effect c4ds and fractals to your sigs to create a better atmosphere also try using stocks as backgrounds for your sigs (i recommend some sci fi or gaming wallpapers) btw your current sig is really nice great to see ppl doing render sigs
  8. Wow never thought I could still make stuff, especially with pdn
  9. Beautiful poem. Had to look up a few words on the dictionary though haha really need to improve my english Really like your current sig btw has some nice depth and effects
  10. My favourite series of all time is Supernatural and Heroes. A couple of months ago I was still a big fan of Glee, but then the new season started airing and the wackiness of the new characters basically ruined the whole show for me.
  11. penguin has the creativity but chimay's shows a lot more skill gotta give my vote to chimay. penguin's just a bit too simple chimay 1 penguin 1
  12. DUDE!!!! long time no see some nice work there i knida miss u lol
  13. this sig would be a lot better without the border But the smudgin is pretty nice IMO the lighting looks quite strange in this tag There's a significant light source above the render but the rest of the tag doesn't go with it 8/10 Next person rate pipp
  14. shadow gmv agjm, all you basically did was follow sharp's sig tut and flip's glass box tut lol Shadow wins
  15. Ninja man, your current is definitely the best and the reflection one comes in second If ya really wanna do text sigs u can actually try adding some c4ds as well Here's a text sig made by c4ds, made by helix http://yugihalo.deviantart.com/gallery/11917017?offset=72#/d2ap9nf
  16. Not to bump an old thread or anything but I was browsing thru some pages and then I saw this Lol this mayor guy ripped that sig off from my friend flow55. This sig is not made by him. Never thought there were rippers here @@ Someone tell this mayor guy stopping ripping other people's work lol Proof: http://www.signaturebar.com/forums/showthread.php/sotw-152-voting-35177/index.html Next person rate the person above me
  17. Try using some stocks as bgs for ur sigs I usually like to add a c4d on the background and color it all black to add more depth. Then I'll add a fractal on top of it
  18. Lol thx I will do a tut on makin sigs this week once I get my pdn on my computer again
  19. New wallpaper looks amazin Good job on it Can't see any flaws on it lol
  20. your new piece of work looks real cool but it's kinda weird with a black background and some randomly floating 3d text lol those 3 abstracts(?) look kinda weird put together maybe think of some other concept next time xd
  21. ironman and wolfman sig are the best gd job bro
  22. ;O eh dont call me a legend xd not fit to be one yet lol well the reason i dun have my sig and avi up is because well i used to have one, but then when the whole forum like changed itself, everyone lost all their sigs and avatars and i couldnt be bothered to upload another set of them again xd and sorry i didnt cm on your sig. it's because idk how to comment on sigs like those no offence it's just that i do render sigs not those kinda sigs
  23. ahaha thx so much ninjaman never knew i actually inspired anyone lol i would go on to this forum more but then i dont really do anything related to pdn or gfx anymore so i guess there's no point in havin me here xd =v=' well my old photobucket broke down but i have already made a new one so that's one problem solved;D but another prob is all my old work (from 2007-2009) was saved in my old photobucket ;(
  24. uninstalled pdn a few months ago because of the insufficient disc space i have left on my drive. ahh makes me sad, miss it a lot even though i havent really touched it last year
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