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  1. I love the H! But the Fairy Clouds pic might just be one of my favorite images I've seen made with Paint.net (which maybe sounds like hyperbole... but it's not ) Beautiful singing as well.
  2. Almost feel bad for posting this before so much as glancing at anyone else's galleries - but I think I will afterwards. Might drop a comment or two, as well. Also, you all came here willingly. Anyways, I made a couple more pictures for some playlists I was making on 8tracks. Here's the latest one: I haven't put the other one up anywhere other than the actual playlist it is on, so if you want to see it - here: http://8tracks.com/agjm/dark-dubstep Hope you liked them.
  3. My favorite type of sensation, actually. Thanks. I never really realized that I don't ever look at anyone else's galleries. There's some really good stuff around. With all sarcasm aside, I'm very good at being self-centered and not realizing it. I should get more involved in the community. Sorry.
  4. Thanks! The font is a download. Here you go. Edit: Here's the one that's below that. I've tried making my own fonts a couple of times, but I'm too lazy and don't have enough vision to do a whole thing anyways.
  5. Thanks. And I got bored again... Experimenting with the smokey stuff. Don't know if I like the outcome in this one or not - some of the tendrils and wisps are far too circular. They look like pipelines or something.
  6. First image in a very, very, very long time. Somewhat crappy quality, as it's from my facebook upload of it, but it's too small to put on customize.org and I don't like using photobucket anymore. And also, I finally figured out how to make those cool smokey effects in PDN.
  7. Honestly, I've been in this debate for far too long and I've been beaten every time. However, due to my stubborn nature, I don't give in. It was in a cracked.com article that I cant seem to find - the Science's theory of how the world was made fits in with almost every religious explanation to how the world was made. The universe existed for x amount of years, then x appeared and did x which made the entire world and everything that's in it. The universe existed for an infinite number of years, then a super-dense atom appeared and exploded which made the entire world and everything that's in it. In the beginning, the Word was with God and the Word was God. Then God went through that seven-day-long process, which made the entire world and everything that's in it. Of course, my writing of it isn't as convincing/good as the other guy's, but it brings the point across. Evolution doesn't really matter, in my opinion. Some book called "the Icons of Evolution" that we read last year for Biology went through and supposedly disproved every major "proof" of evolution. But according to the internet (namely, wikipedia) the book is extremely biased and completely wrong. But according to the book, evolutionists are extremely biased and completely wrong. Who knows. It's like the gun debate - better to have religion and not need it, than to need religion and not have it, right? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icons_of_Evolution I don't know. I'll just leave that there. Having read the bottom part about Darwin's Finches, I will say that it appears that they left out the stuff that was said about it (that the beaks increased/decreased in size during harsh or prominent times, but went back to normal in between.) I think I'm too biased to try to make any sort of opinion on any of it, at this point. It just depends on who introduced you to what, and when - I think that we, as humans, tend towards the values we were raised with. Edit: A friend on facebook shared this. It seems relevant to me. http://www.proginosko.com/2013/08/not-many-were-wise/ Edit 2: Reading this, linked in the previous article, was an interesting experience. http://arstechnica.com/science/2013/08/new-meta-analysis-checks-the-correlation-between-intelligence-and-faith/ That last paragraph didn't give me the same vibe as the rest of it. However, it was more scientifically acceptable than the other article. But I found it interesting that it went from saying and to From "That analytical thinking (of higher intelligence) leads to lower religiosity." To "It hasn't been shown that higher intelligence causes someone to be less religious." Am I that biased, or is that contradicting? But, then again, this is about evolution, not atheism vs. religion. It's just that my mind drifts this way whenever this comes up.
  8. Paranoia was interesting. It sort of skipped right along, at an ever-changing, unstable pace, and got the story across with enough shirtless-Liam-Skinsworth to keep the girls interested and drooling (my friend was right next to me - she made it very clear why he had to do all of his espionage without a shirt on.) I'm not sure if I got it or not, but I was talking to my friends (in hushed tones, of course, I'm not "that guy" in the theater) throughout the movie. They had some cool cars, some nice company buildings, interesting phone designs, and a possibly terrible plot. I'm just not sure about it. Discussing the ending: It was fine watching it with a big group, but it felt like we were having to entertain ourselves by poking fun at the movie (and each other) instead of letting the movie itself do its job.
  9. It's pretty good. I just can't get back into it. Too much storyline for the final season, no filler episodes, so I can't jump in without a ton of spoilers. I'll probably get the DVDs in a few years, if they make them.
  10. I'm sad that no one watched the video. Anyone here watching the news on Battlefield 4 or Forza 5? I've pretty much all but dropped out on the Destiny bandwagon (Bungie game). Battlefield 4 looks more like a revised edition of BF3, or what BF3 should have been, rather than an entirely new game. However, a lot of new features have been added, as well as a lot of cosmetic changes. It will be more familiar, I guess, than I had hoped. And the Chinese Support soldier looks sort of silly. http://www.trueachievements.com/customimages/020447.jpg Forza Motorsport 5 looks fantastic. They removed a good feature - namely, the auction house - but it was rampant with hackers soon after Forza Motorsport 4 had been released. The fact that they have a high-resolution "Forzavista" (formerly "Autovista" in FM4) model of every single car in the game amazes me. I loved exploring the few cars they had in the Autovista in FM4 in such high detail. I can't wait to see the new ones. The only negative I can think of on FM5 is that, as with almost all of the other Forza games, you can't buy the full game for $60. You have to choose what pre-order bonus car you want (I was supposed to get the Aston Martin from pre-ordering the $80 Forza Horizon LCE from Amazon in November, but the code wasn't there and I never got it), then, if you want all of the cars that are added to the game, it's $50 for the season pass. The only reason this bothers me is because the cars don't add too much longevity to the game. Rather, after buying the season pass, you might log on once a month to see what new cars are there. Half the time, you might not be able to afford them with the in-game cR currency. Also, even if you don't have the DLC, you still have to drool at that new Lamborghini, Ferrari, or whatever else every time you are scrolling along to buy a new car. There is, lastly the slight downside in multiplayer that is that you cannot see exactly how long the DLC car someone else is driving is, unless you own the DLC. If you don't, you see a short Volkswagen sedan that doesn't give any sort of hint as to how wide or long the car is, which can be rather damaging when racing. But still, I'll buy the game. So, in short, this gaming season I will be spending between $1680 and $2240 - $1560 on the iBuyPower Chimera whatever thing - a super-powerful computer that runs ArmA III on Ultra Graphics with relative ease, all while staying nice and cool, $500 on the Xbox One, if I get it. I might not, depending on the financial situations... If not, FM5 is off as well (XB1 only), making total cost around $1680 instead $60 on ArmA III $60 on Forza Motorsport 5 $60 on Battlefield 4. The computer is a much-needed expense, however, and it will be purchased %50 with my money (almost everything I've saved for the past year or so) and %50 with my grandfather's money (he's doubling everything I've saved for this, up to the $900 mark.) I just noticed that the computer is $1560 on a special Back to School sale - which is odd, because it was that same price at the beginning of the summer. The "Special Promotion" button is telling me that it comes with: "FREE AMD Radeon HD 7870, 7850, 7770, and 7750 Upgrade FREE NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 Upgrade FREE AMD FX Series CPU Upgrade and more!" So, I guess that's what that's about. This only took me about forever to write. I need to go get started on my schoolwork.
  11. I think bbcode still works if you type it out by hand. If that's what you are talking about. I hope it is. I don't want to look silly. Edit: It isn't, is it? I look silly. Here's a song that can make everyone not rant. Seriously, it's really relaxing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYnZqYCdJ-I Rant: I'm getting out of touch with rock music. Over the summer, I started to listen almost purely to dubstep/whatever genre Ellie Goulding is/drum and bass/acoustic etc. Also never feel like playing Xbox anymore. Somehow, I think this may make my school life easier, as the dubstep stuff helps me focus and the Xbox used to be a major distraction. Although, I am supposed to be writing an essay on the colonization of the new world right now. Other rant: I don't have a Lamborghini. I think it's a good goal, to want a Lamborghini, because it means that you always have a fallback target if you miss another one. A rather unobtainable goal, to keep you working hard and motivated (and make sure that you have something to look forward to no matter what). And if you do obtain it, then hey, you get a Lamborghini out of it. But seriously, look at this. It's a work of art. http://www.lamborghini.com/en/models/gallardo-lp-560-4-spyder/overview/
  12. Great show. NCIS is good. But Get Out Alive, Shark tank, and Under the Dome are all I watch anymore. I only watch TV when I'm watching with my dad (just a way to spend time together that we both enjoy), and it's too hard to jump in and out of NCIS, CSI, or Hawaii 5-0 without fear of either not being able to understand the plot due to missing a few episodes (or for me, a few seasons) or seeing major spoilers. One time, when I was still on the second season of Burn Notice on Netflix, I flicked the TV onto USA and an ad was playing for Burn Notice. Spoiler for those who aren't caught up on the show (MAJOR spoiler) warning: Also, Siberia has fallen through. Between all of the melodrama, the "unnatural" romance (if you get my drift), and the general cheesiness of the show sort of ruined it. Quit watching it a while ago. Also, no idea what Orphan Black is.
  13. I know how you feel. Better to be treated as something that's actually there than to be completely ignored. Negative attention > None at all. Depending on the situation, at least.
  14. Keep trying to get myself to come back to these forums more, but I always forget for a while - then, when I come back, there's a huge sea of posts between my current visit and the previous one.
  15. Recently made a video / montage / trailer set to the song "Feel The Love" by Rudimental for Forza Horizon. I have fraps - I plan to make more of these when I get my new PC (~$200 away at the moment) and a few games I like. I enjoyed getting to drive around and capture footage of my own cars and my own driving for it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fh-bAgR-sRU I will add that Forza is an excellent series. The Horizon game is a nice, arcade-style racer with a few more realistic elements to make the driving lots of fun. The customization is also the best I've ever seen in a racer. There. Now I'm not just shamelessly advertising my video.
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