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  1. I love the H! But the Fairy Clouds pic might just be one of my favorite images I've seen made with Paint.net (which maybe sounds like hyperbole... but it's not ) Beautiful singing as well.
  2. Paranoia was interesting. It sort of skipped right along, at an ever-changing, unstable pace, and got the story across with enough shirtless-Liam-Skinsworth to keep the girls interested and drooling (my friend was right next to me - she made it very clear why he had to do all of his espionage without a shirt on.) I'm not sure if I got it or not, but I was talking to my friends (in hushed tones, of course, I'm not "that guy" in the theater) throughout the movie. They had some cool cars, some nice company buildings, interesting phone designs, and a possibly terrible plot. I'm just not sure a
  3. It's pretty good. I just can't get back into it. Too much storyline for the final season, no filler episodes, so I can't jump in without a ton of spoilers. I'll probably get the DVDs in a few years, if they make them.
  4. I'm sad that no one watched the video. Anyone here watching the news on Battlefield 4 or Forza 5? I've pretty much all but dropped out on the Destiny bandwagon (Bungie game). Battlefield 4 looks more like a revised edition of BF3, or what BF3 should have been, rather than an entirely new game. However, a lot of new features have been added, as well as a lot of cosmetic changes. It will be more familiar, I guess, than I had hoped. And the Chinese Support soldier looks sort of silly. http://www.trueachievements.com/customimages/020447.jpg Forza Motorsport 5 looks fantastic. They
  5. I think bbcode still works if you type it out by hand. If that's what you are talking about. I hope it is. I don't want to look silly. Edit: It isn't, is it? I look silly. Here's a song that can make everyone not rant. Seriously, it's really relaxing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYnZqYCdJ-I Rant: I'm getting out of touch with rock music. Over the summer, I started to listen almost purely to dubstep/whatever genre Ellie Goulding is/drum and bass/acoustic etc. Also never feel like playing Xbox anymore. Somehow, I think this may make my school life easier, as the dubst
  6. Great show. NCIS is good. But Get Out Alive, Shark tank, and Under the Dome are all I watch anymore. I only watch TV when I'm watching with my dad (just a way to spend time together that we both enjoy), and it's too hard to jump in and out of NCIS, CSI, or Hawaii 5-0 without fear of either not being able to understand the plot due to missing a few episodes (or for me, a few seasons) or seeing major spoilers. One time, when I was still on the second season of Burn Notice on Netflix, I flicked the TV onto USA and an ad was playing for Burn Notice. Spoiler for those who aren't caught up o
  7. I know how you feel. Better to be treated as something that's actually there than to be completely ignored. Negative attention > None at all. Depending on the situation, at least.
  8. Keep trying to get myself to come back to these forums more, but I always forget for a while - then, when I come back, there's a huge sea of posts between my current visit and the previous one.
  9. Recently made a video / montage / trailer set to the song "Feel The Love" by Rudimental for Forza Horizon. I have fraps - I plan to make more of these when I get my new PC (~$200 away at the moment) and a few games I like. I enjoyed getting to drive around and capture footage of my own cars and my own driving for it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fh-bAgR-sRU I will add that Forza is an excellent series. The Horizon game is a nice, arcade-style racer with a few more realistic elements to make the driving lots of fun. The customization is also the best I've ever seen in a racer.
  10. Rant: Scripting in rainmeter is hard. This is all I have so far. It's very rewarding, I've found. I should be updating it tonight, if all goes as planned.
  11. I guess I overstated my point. And good job laying out your argument. It was a pleasure to read. My point is not that I think all Muslims are bad. My point was that when a Muslim person does deviate from the path of peace, they can claim to be doing it for their religion. A Christian cannot. Having written a major essay on the religion, I did familiarize myself with the Five Pillars of Islam, and read about their beliefs. I'm not scared whenever I see an Islamic person - I had a talk with someone I met at the beach who was Islamic. He told me a lot about their beliefs and v
  12. My take on it is that, unlike with Christianity, when an Islamist is violent against those of other religions his religion says he is just. With Christianity, you don't get a heavenly reward for blowing yourself up in a room full of children. When you do that, the Bible says that you are indeed doing something very wrong. With Islam, you are told that killing innocent people is a legitimate form of worship, as long as they are of other religions. Just some of what I found while writing an essay on the topic: The fact that America supports Hollywood, in and of itself, means that
  13. Just that the media is trying to convince us that there is not even a blemish on Islamic beliefs. My history textbook talked about how peaceful they were, and how they didn't believe in harming anything. As did all of the books that I read when I wrote an eleven-page (if I remember correctly) MLA paper on whether or not Islam has a place in the modern world, with its belief system. Also, it isn't letting me load that link.
  14. It's like the hunger games, almost. You can watch it here.
  15. Maybe it's because it's late, but I cannot make any sort of coherence out of anything you've just said... Can you put it in simpler terms? My apologies.
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