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  1. was doing the 50 something question and then got bored and tired and rage quitted
  2. dont kill yourself bro enjoy life and get girls dude
  3. both sigs arent very good meh but howler's one was better. not gonna comment on ninjaman's sig but imma cc a bit on howler's. first thing is you darkened the focal (which is obviously, the render, which is naruto) and brightened the bg. this makes people distracted from the focal and look at the bg instead, which isnt good well secondly, it looks like u didnt plan how you smudged the naruto. it just looks like you smudged in random directions. that doesnt make the sig look good and makes it look messy. next time smudge with flow or sth. ( for example, follow the direction of the render. look at naruto, he is facing the left side. it would be nice if you could smudge to the right side, following the flow) thirdly, there's a piece of black there on the lower left corner which looks outta place and random lool howler:1 ninjaman: 1
  4. ahaha nice piece sokagirl kinda like absorbed me into it still remember me? xd i pop up here like every few months or so
  5. new piece is lookin good dont like that text there though and those colours look kinda weird gray does not go with orange bro
  6. well firstly i think u cropped the render wrongly cuz a render is a .png where there is no bg, there is only the focal itself so u shouldnt need to cut the white space and there wont be any white lines around it. (i hope u know what i mean lol the text placement is weird, it looks like it's just floating by itself the whole sig is too big, there are a lot of boring spaces. maybe size it down a bit add more effects cuz it's quite boring right now looks like its got nothing goin on the border looks weird btw - -'' 5/10 rate this pls rate the one u think is better pls
  7. lol im just someone who drops by like once every 6 months so dont count me in X(
  8. nice stuff keep practicing bro
  9. i like glass best but i like the old forum more haha xd
  10. welcome to the pdn forums leanne great to have you here
  11. aww don't be like that life is great and u haven't even explored a tenth of it
  12. wow kem...long time no see lol nice one pretty nice text sig not bad
  13. lol hey nice work still psing?
  14. oh yeah i remember u i didnt know u were gone lol anyone remember me
  15. meh both aren't good but meh noobz gmv better atmosphere and fx my fellow pser noobz: 3 the other guy: 1 winner is noobz
  16. style made you lost this battle go kin
  17. Nice for a beginner. Try reading more sig tutorials (you can find some or deviantart). If you really want to get into sigs and gfx, you should join some other forums and improve your skills. =]
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