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  1. But that sig isn't vector art if you ask me...
  2. Nice. Keep it up keep practicing.
  3. Lol did you topaz it or something? Otherwise, nice fx. Looks bit lq with the topaz/smart blur/surface blur tho lol. >3 it!
  4. Welcome back Shock! Nice work again.
  5. The curious incident of the dog in the night-time, Mark Haddon.
  6. You joined during 2008 so I'll consider you famous, lol. None of you prolly know me on this forum XD.
  7. Hope this helps ^^ http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs20/f/2007/294/7/d/Nebula_Tutorial_by_Superiorgamer.jpg
  8. Try adding some fractals inside the planet. If you're aiming to abstract, don't even add the outer/inner glows.
  9. Detective Conan: Phantom of Baker Street It's a manga but nevermind.
  10. Lol, a c4d sig versus a text sig is quite confusing. But sure, I'll take you on with this.
  11. Can I use a render and stocks for my sig? Or do I have to make it from scratch?
  12. Hmm...anyone up for a battle? Haven't posted here in a while. Gratz Noobz for winning the previous battle, btw.
  13. Last Airbender? I've watched the episodes on Nick before and they're not at all interesting, no offense. The story is quite nice actually, it's just the presentation of it is bad. Anyone like Detective Conan?
  14. Stars look a bit off. The planet is just too colourful, especially the outer glow. Still, keep practicing!
  15. yy10

    Sharp 7.25.11

    Long time no see, Sharp. Nice piece of artwork, as always.
  16. Lol, I use premades all the time and I have seen a lot of other people do that. I guess we've been breaking the rules all these years, sorry about that CSM.
  17. Woah. This means no premades? Aw...the most special thing about the competitions on this forum is that we allow premades. Now we're just like any old siggy forum. Well..I guess if everyone becomes anonymous we can start a "Guess the Piece" competition at the end of every week and let people guess who's work is who's lol.
  18. Ooh nice theme...ima enter this one. GL to everyone!
  19. The wallpaper looks great, great job on it! Only suggestion is maybe you could feather the edges a bit because it looks a bit scruffy atm lol
  20. Nice creative sig. Tho the "Nothing escapes him" looks kinda weird and outta palce lol, 9/10
  21. Ty Chris. The focal is the kellyfish on the right since it is sharpened while other places are blurred.
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