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  1. Nice image (not a sig, I would refer it to a mini-banner, actually). Some nice colours and use off effects.
  2. Nice image (not a sig, I would refer it to a mini-banner, actually). Some nice colours and use off effects.
  3. But it wuold also encourage people to get a higher rank. All the pro's like (if they are willing, of coruse) oma, welsh... could rank...i dunno something like that
  4. I'm jsut thinking maybe we should have some like a rank/classing section where people get to get classed from Novice > Moderate > Intermediate > Semi-pro > Pro, lol. Since there's not really any place to have your paint.net works classed, I thought this would be a good idea.
  5. Hoping Mayor wins this battle
  6. One of the only new members I've seen lately, I guess you're okay. I was well known ages ago haha
  7. You're on first sig in pdn after er 5 months
  8. Yay, more awesomeness from my bud Axle lol. The textography wallpaper is great! Keep working on those, imo. The sig is great too, wish I could make it qq
  9. Stone gmv. One of the great sigs I've seen on this forum/// Stone- 1 Mcsteze (dunno how to speel your name sorry)- 2
  10. Lp means large peice. I meant Manip anyawys, sorry.
  11. Omfg, man, you are hilarious. All I did was give you cnc to improve your sig making, lol. I am not acting as if I am the king of signatures, pelase understand that. You were the one who couldn't take a little constructive criticism and decided to argue about some completely pointless stuff. In fact, you are the one criticizing me now by saying I haven't made any decent stuff for over a year. I even added a nice little at the end of my post just to make my cnc seem more constructive. I don't get why saying it's a noob signature means nothing...? So does that mean you can just randomly go to someone's gallery, find the oldest and noobiest signature there and start criticizing them for it? I think not... Now why don't we stop this pointless little arguement and get on with rating sigs...?
  12. That's not even 10px. A tip, get your facts rights everytime before you attempt to pwn someone. If you hadn't noticed, I haven't updated my gallery since ... March? Those sigs are old there. You're picking noob sigs in a gallery that hasn't been touched for ages. I'm not saying that adding borders is a noob thing to do, but if you add a border on a sig and the two don't even blend, that's the problem.
  13. Nice lp Keep practicing, you've improved a lot from what I an see.
  14. That's your problem if you have never seen people use fractals in sigs. You don't have enough of an exposure into gfx at all. Me using 10px borders...? LOL LMFAO
  15. Stone85 gmv. Ima do a detailed explanation and cnc lol Stone85: You're definitely improving. You have some nice effects. Your colours look simple and they can blend with the render and the background. However, the black fading outline/border in the on the edges of the sig does not fit with the sig and ruins it. Your text is still at a beginner's stage so may I suggest you not to add text to your sigs. I'm not goingto point out that the render looks stretched because it's not really that important. Keep reading some basic signature tutorials and if you really want to get into makinng small art, start vising more forums. PsychoHarmonic: From what I can see, you have a nice potential. It's great you're using some simple stocks to make your sig. Though if I were you, I wouldn't have used that concept. Those colours don't fit and they look very random. The text ruins the whole sig also. As I said to Stone above, read more basic tuts. Stone: 2 Psycho: 0 Anyone wanna battle me next round...?
  16. I started playing the Guitar a few months ago and everyone's inviting me to join bands now. haha
  17. Render doesn't really blend with the background. This kinda render requires some kinda techy "wow factor" so you should add more c4d's and not to mention start using fractals and maybe start adding this thing called fx. Black border ruins the sig. A tip, don't add borders for now. Keep working, gj 6/10 And since PsychoHarmonic didn't rate Chris', following rate Chrisco97's sig.
  18. Amongst my first: First smudge: Recent: (er PS)
  19. Who dares say the Shock is not famous? I used to insanely love your sigs some time ago, you're really famous.
  20. He is using C4D's...
  21. River flows in you. Best song I have ever played with the piano.
  22. The most popular manga is probably One Piece. My favourite is Eyeshield 21 though.
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