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  1. That's very nice, Shadowstalker! I like the idea. gg Here's a sig I made a after a LONG time lol, it sucks, yes I know.
  2. Ooh...nice new fresh game. I'm called yy10 since yy stands for my chinese name and 10 since it's my favourite number. Btw grats on 1500 post.
  3. Hey yy10. Dunno if you guys remember but I've been around a few months back. Now I'm back and hope I see some new faces. Woot 1000th post ftw
  4. Full marks in maths exam!! W00t!!!! 999 posts, btw
  5. OMA!!!!! Happy bday my friend! Hope you will make better art!!!
  6. Arkham Asylum? Never heard of it ~~ (Sry, I'm OUT) Dragonica Online anyone? :)
  7. Nice new work. The SOTW sig is astonishing!! :D BTW, loving the spacescape.
  8. Thanks everyone. @Axle: I agree. The background is just black which makes the whole sig look boring. I definitely agree with you. Lol, I made a new size since I thought there was too much black space. Also, I am going to make a tutorial? Any suggestions on what the tutorial will be about?
  9. I really like all these ideas, they're all excellent! However, I personally think that there are too many competitions going on now and this forum is getting quite messy with all these discussion, entry and voting threads.
  10. Very creative, Axle. PDNnoob: 0 Axle: 1
  11. 11/4/2010 Update POWER CnC appreciated!
  12. The new header's great, Sozo! BTW, can the sig be vertical? Ima gonna enter.
  13. Like the smudging but I can see a few faults: 1. The whole sig is oversharpened, especially the focal. 2. I can't see a clear lighting point. You could add one above his head. Overall, KIU
  14. Would you really use a 800*600 sig? Anyway, I don't think there should ever be themes, this thread was intended to be freestyle all the way. Here's what I suggest: Well...there are much bigger sigs on other forums. Anyway... IAO: 1 Frontcannon: 3 Great job Frontcannon, you win!
  15. Erm...sigs don't have don't have to be small. As long as they're not over 800x600, they're sigs. (Since 800x600 over are considered as large peices, IMO) But anything you can use as a signature is a sig.
  16. CSM: 3 Great job. Luv the text lol. Grats man, you win!! For the next battle, I will use this sig. I used Photoshop for the topaz so I guess I should substract 1 vote or sth??
  17. SpreadPaint.net is awesome!!! I can help you with anything whenever you want!
  18. So 1v1? BTW, may I use a pre-made sig? Don't wanna make a new one ...
  19. I t hoguht it was Collab or something... :? But I don't care anyway
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