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  1. Damn, nice to see this place isn't completely dead after all these years
  2. Well it's pretty good, but it's sorta messy and the text doesn't help so try move it closer to the focal. I think there's too many lines on the left but the effects are nice. Keep it up man. 7.5/10. Rate this please:
  3. The focal is kinda getting lost in all the effects, but some of the effects are nice, so all it needs is a little tweaking and it should be good. 8.5/10
  4. The text can be a lot better and if the tag was some how smoothed out without all the criss-cross lines that would make it better as well. 6.5/10
  5. The text isn't working. Try sharpening the focal and smudging some areas around her, it isn't bad though, KIU. 7/10
  6. 7.5/10. The text placement can be better, and the render's focal is kinda blurred. Nice work overall though. KIU
  7. You're getting better but try working at a size where your C4Ds can be seen, 8.5/10 try making some areas darker and lighter (on the girl) using Basic Adjustments.
  8. Thanks Toinkzy08 I get my fonts from dafont.com 1001fonts.com The fonts i use though are: Jey Scriptina Optimus Princeps Swiss912 David
  9. It's quite good, just take away some of the effects on top of the renders and a strong blue-ish gradient and it would look better! 8/10 Your current one is also quite nice, but try using more solid C4Ds as well. Experiment with different effects and C4Ds and you will get a lot better! 8/10
  10. The border doesn't go well and neither does the text, but the sig has potential. Maybe a bit of smudging and solid C4Ds would make it look better. Nice job overall. 8/10
  11. It looks very simple, try doing something more funky and attractive more than something bland. Try using textures and C4D effects renders. If that's you aimed your sig to look like though... then it's a good job. 7/10
  12. It seems quite simple... There's nothing to it really. 6.5/10. It's really bland... maybe some lighting will help. Rate:
  13. I like your style Flip, this one is really clean and nice. Ver good job on that, 8.5/10.
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