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  1. The instructions given asked the user to download the plugins one by one in order of latest release. I did not have their image, camera, pc or even the error message. Given the lack of a starting point I made a suggestion to try them all starting with the most recent as this would probably be the most likely fix. We have thousands of forum users. Space costs. It's as simple as that. If you require more, make a case for it and let a Mod know. We're not unreasonable. By default the list is sorted alphabetically. See where I suggested the OP use the sor
  2. Typo. The URL is looking for the wrong forum topic. An update is due out tomorrow. I'll flag this for correction.
  3. New forum Admin @toe_head2001 has flexed his superpowers by creating a much nicer gray theme for the forum. This brand new theme completely replaces the old version of Goodnight Nurse I hacked together about the time man first walked on the moon. Give the new theme a spin and let us know if there are any problems with it. A BIG THANKS to toe-y ⭐
  4. Downloaded. Your fix for the 8-bit effect icons has resolved my previously reported crash.
  5. I've noticed his happen on the default theme too. I have no explanation beyond it being a bug in the forum software.
  6. I've investigated this today. Preliminary results are not good for a Postimage 'quick thumbnail' button. The format of their links are not conducive to merging the image buttons either. Meh. 😒
  7. Yep. This is my schtick . Fixed. Download buttons don't require tweaking. I'm pleased with that!
  8. I ran into this crash running AA's Assistant for a second time using Ctrl + F.
  9. Moan to them? You posted five posts about this issue with someone else's website. It has nothing to do with paint.net. <closed>
  10. My method: Duplicate the layer Apply Adjustments > Black & White Set Blend mode to Difference Flatten Hue/Saturation: Up the Saturation to 200 then play with the Hue slider. Red is around 94. For brown use Hue 120, Sat 160 & LIghtness -20. The trick here is to make the image something other than a primary shade of green prior to using Hue/Sat. This is why I used an adjustment layer. After step 4 you have a pleasant shade of purple which has solid components in all three color channels. Think of these as something Hue/Sat can chew on
  11. I'm digging your card design! Here's how you can do this painlessly.... 1. Select the interior of the card with the magic wand. If your elements are on separate layers, use the Sampling: Image option in the Tool bar. 2. Add a new layer with Ctrl + Shift + N. The selection will remain active on the new layer. 3. To the selection, apply Outline Selection from @BoltBait's plugin pack
  12. The plugin combines quite a few extras into one package. BoltBait designed it with this in mind (see https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/115814-combined-adjustments-v10/). Having these controls in one interface makes it much easier to experiment. When you're an experienced artist like welshblue you'll understand the beauty of being able to finesse an image or effect with tools like these.
  13. It looks like you have quite a few installed. This is the #1 reason for a delay when PDN opens (i.e. not responding as per your second image). Try renaming your /Effects/ folder and see if it changes startup behavour.
  14. It happened when the forum was removed from the Forumer platform and moved to Invision. As @toe_head2001said, unrelated.
  15. Hi @acwai Welcome to the forum Try this: On a transparent layer, draw your first curve in red, 5px wide. Duplicate the layer twice. Use the Recoloring tool to recolor the lines on the new layers. Second layer gray, third layer green. Here's a little mini-tutorial on the Recoloring tool: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/23648-filling-an-object-while-retaining-lines/?do=findComment&comment=366186 Move the new layers so that the lines just touch each other. Unfortunately some curves are not going to line up this way (semicircles & similar cur
  16. https://www.getpaint.net/ Read the right sidebar: "Get it now (free download)" and slightly lower down "You can also support Paint.NET by purchasing it on the Windows Store:" That's as clear as it needs to be. Case closed.
  17. Height and width are the bounds of the shape. Try using numbers slightly larger than the largest of the coordinates. Set the Viewbox dmensions the same way. Paste the rest into the Path string.
  18. Hey there @Forkanion - Welcome to the forum Conditional Hue & Saturation plugin is the answer. To see how easy it is to do this type of effect, check out this post: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/21134-how-can-i-create-a-shape-and-recolor-it/?do=findComment&comment=348884
  19. Anything for you my Dear.... For a topic/thread: Paste the URL of the thread from your browser into the post. For a specific post within a thread, use the Menu (three dots on the top right top of each post). The menu should give you an option to share the url. Do so then copy & and paste it into your post. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/117052-how-do-i-remake-this-cool-picture/?do=findComment&comment=575243
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