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  1. If you could be a bit more specific: is this your page? Or another page? Instead of JavaScript, PHP works great with file includes.
  2. I would like to run a modified version of the Monthly Skinning Competition. Instead of doing something as big as an entire operating system, chat client, or email client, I'd like to make it weekly and focus on certain elements of those programs. For instance, Weekly Skinning Competition: Task Bar, or Inbox. Additionally, I'd like to revive Large Art of the Week. And Lastly, does this deserve its own subforum? Why not place it under The Pictorium or the Grand Theory of Everything?
  3. I've got a question for you guys: As many of you are aware by the ads on SpreadPaint.NET, trying to pay for server costs is a priority of mine. I'm changing my host in July to support a number of new features I plan on implementing. However, ADS SUCK. I hate ads, you hate ads, we all hate ads! As such, I've been exploring alternative methods of generating revenue. One of these ideas was premium content (ugh, I know) but hear me out on this! An example would be a tutorial. Simply by being a registered member (free of charge) you can view a complete version of the tutorial along with a streaming video that goes through the tutorial step-by-step. By purchasing the tutorial (1$-5$), you get an in-depth version of the tutorial in the PDF and ePUB formats, the video in high-def, and PDN source files. So my question is if you might have an interest in purchasing this content, or if you have other suggestions.
  4. What part did you find disappointing? Reading live blog updates on the keynote this morning, I was thoroughly impressed. It seems as if Apple has addressed a lot of the issues I had with the software, and addressed them right! The only major disappointment I'm suffering from is that my iPod Touch 2G won't get the multitasking.
  5. Happiness: iPhone OS multitasking done incredibly right.
  6. Early builds of Paint.NET v3.5 were labeled as Paint.NET v4.0, because at the time it was Paint.NET v4.0
  7. Ever say something, think about it for a second, and realize how wrong it sounded? Yup, I did that tonight. I am extremely embarrassed, just so you are aware.
  8. Absolutely. But, I have no control over what the mods do, and regardless I'd still like to offer a place for plugin authors to submit and host their plugins. As well, this would be really good for future exclusive releases, like BoltBait's Object Feather plugin.
  9. @Lance McKnight: This is a result of how the mod staff have setup permissions. This way, all subforums that deserve to be hidden are hidden while they have special permissions for subforums that should be open.
  10. I have two awesome things to share with you. First thing is rather universal for everybody in here. It's called 'Instant Blueprint' and my lovely feedreader just shared it with me. It allows you to easily setup a basic framework for your sites, including a JavaScript library, the CSS files, and a basic folder structure. Looks nice, too: http://www.instantblueprint.com Secondly, I've recently been learning Ruby so as to develop on the Ruby on Rails framework (SpreadPaint.NET plugin center). Looking through tutorials and source code, I found this awesome screencast of a guy making a blog in Ruby in roughly fifteen minutes. Sure, he uses a clipboard manager for some of the more repetitive code, but you can't deny that it is impressive: http://media.rubyonrails.org/video/rails_blog_2.mov
  11. Then I think a relocation of certain forum games is necessary. These games rely on a poll system, and from experience it is difficult to manage it over PMs.
  12. I can attest to Jackpelter, this morning neither of them were working. Hence why I went through the work of pushing out another.
  13. Or, you can just click on each Subforum icon to mark the entire subforum read.
  14. One post for each point? Thanks! Poster below me, rate Chrisco87's signature.
  15. I voted Windows 7. Everybody at my school runs Windows 7 (Our Student copies were free), and every library and classroom PC are running Windows 7. Adoption has been massive for this OS in my local area.
  16. Looks nice, and I didn't get a manga vibe from it. The color scheme is very attractive, but I don't have the original stock to give it a full rating. 4.5/5. New sig for the new forums. It looks much better on a darker background. Trust me.
  17. I like it, Andrew D. Everything fits together pretty well if you were trying to achieve the 'retro game' feel Here is a web design I am just about done working on for some family members: http://www.shoplaserworks.com - it is lacking in content, but I kinda like it. Like CMD mentioned over IM, I need a better background. Fading to grey feels bland. It is all built on WordPress! And speaking of WordPress, I've recently become a WordPress junkie! It's power as a CMS is just fantastic, and right now I'm installing the 3.0 beta to http://test.mryandesigns.com . I'm going to be using the BEST WordPress theme ever, Thematic, to port the m|Ryan Designs design over to the test install (and hopefully finish the redesign while I'm at it... the colors are atrocious).
  18. You joined March 12th, you already missed the award show that BoltBait puts on every year. And technically you could use the CloneStamp tool as a clipping mask tool, but there is no plugin for it.
  19. :blink: Your last two posts implied that she actually HAD died of suffocation. My apologies, again.
  20. Then I'd like to retract any advice I've given you that must have entailed confronting her. I hope you blame that on my foolish ignorance, and I that I would not have said any of it had I understood the situation as I do now. My apologies.
  21. And Emily is the girl you've had limerance for?
  22. I lost all of my plugins in the forum move. (What? You expect me to use subpar plugins?) However! It's really easy to build. Here is a brand new one, just for you: silhouetteplugs.zip
  23. I think you like a few of my friends have been on that friends list since the phpBB3 ere ;)

  24. Hm? Is that my name I see on your friends list? How kind. :D

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