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  1. How about a slightly more Olive green? Like this:
  2. Thanks for the comments, Crimson Here is a small update with a bit more whitespace on the Design div, some color corrections, and some alignment fixes including shifting the column headings to a left alignment. http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c114/the_numbers/anotheredesign_2.png
  3. There is more there than I can design in Paint.NET. The Design panel is actually a bit of jQuery magic in that it slides from each main item, which means that twelve bits of my work will be on display. You can kind of see what I mean on my developing technologies page: http://redesign.mryandesigns.com Logo, Solution, and Interface were the elements of web design that I broke down. Logo and Interface design should be obvious, but solution design includes choosing which CMS, eCommerce, or Blog solution is correct; which ad revenue the website should pursue, and Search Engine Optimization. Other than 'Solution Design', what other labels are extremely mysterious in a not good way? Thanks for the critique!
  4. Honesty time! This is my final consideration for an m|Ryan Designs redesign. All constructive criticism you may have is very much so wanted! http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c114/the_numbers/anotheredesign.png
  5. I think the tag should stick around with a few rules clarifications, such as no illegal content (already in the rules) and nothing exceeding 800x600 (again, already in the rules). However, here is the article that described disabling it or just certain features: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/official.html?record=249
  6. Reading about the media tag, it does a heck of a lot more than just YouTube videos:
  7. Heh, no csm725, this is how you use it:
  8. I've recently fallen in love with the band known as the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Their style is Jazz Fusion, particularly Jazz style music but with instruments you would commonly find in a 1970's rock band.
  9. Don't PM Rick with moderation inquiries. Instead, Report the thread and the first available mod will help out
  10. It only locks up when I'm signed out, cache or not.
  11. Just post them with your entry and make note that you did not create them.
  12. thinks that you should design your own concept of a task bar for my competition!

  13. Plus, the software is free. That doesn't mean resources for it are too be tied to the same logic. Take for example any HTML book you find on book shelves. HTML is free, so why not make those particular guides free? And by general rule, a large majority of these published resources are of much better quality then what you find freely on the internet.
  14. I'm in favor of Mod Host Lounge over mailing lists. But that is just my personal opinion...
  15. Private discussion of general rulings, better overall organization, and to ask other hosts to take over for you on leave of absence. Some of this can be done over PM, but I think it'd be a bit more professional to do it over a board. Edit: @Possum: Yes, that is a perfect example.
  16. Can competition hosts have our own subforum? I think it'd be good for us, plus I think we should work on making a nice set of universal competition rules and formats. You don't actually skin anything, but you create mockups in Paint.NET. Check some of the older competitions Simon linked to in the Archives for an example of what I mean
  17. Hey contest hosters! We've got mod powers over each other's threads. I don't want this feature removed, but hosters shouldn't abuse this, either!
  18. ...and vice versa. Thanks for reminding me.
  19. I'm looking into selling upgraded content. You should consider doing the same, as I think it might be the most effective at turning profits.
  20. Weekly Skinning Competition WSC: DISCUSSION THREAD Hosted by Mike Ryan This thread is for discussion! Do not post your entries in this thread ----------------------------------------------------------------- Please use this thread to ask questions about the current theme, discuss the polls, discuss current entries, or make suggestions for future competitions! Compete in the current competition
  21. Weekly Skinning Competition CONGRATULATIONS TO PABLO FOR HIS VICTORY! Hosted by Mike Ryan Pablo wins the very first WSC! To the victor goes the spoils. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Pablo won the very first Weekly Skinning Competition, and as such he gets to choose the theme for the next WSC! I'm not going to spoil his decision just yet, but check back tomorrow when the next WSC thread is up. Until then, skinners, jump in and give Pablo and a pat on the back. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hidden Content: Weekly Skinning Competition THIS WEEKS THEME: YOUR TASK BAR | DEADLINE: 04/16/10 Hosted by Mike Ryan Your Taskbar As chosen by mike ryan ----------------------------------------------------------------- This week's theme, as chosen by Mike Ryan (What!?) is your task bar. The task bar you are often dealing with is the thing at the bottom of your screen where you manage settings, launch programs, manage active windows, run tasks, and connect to networks. However, the abundance of options regarding your task bar ands the variations found across operating system releases shows that users have their preferences, and most importantly: their imagination. This week's theme challenges you to create your own task bar that suits your most common actions. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Check the Weekly Skinning Competition Rules! If your entry breaks any of the rules it will be disqualified. ------------------------------------------------------------------ There is no maximum image size, but you are limited to THREE images per entry, and if any of the images are larger than 800x800, please LINK to it instead! No crude / offensive language, pics, et cetera. Unlike previous incarnations of Skinning Competitions, the theme focuses on a single element. Do not stray from the theme! Only one entry per person and no modifications to your image are allowed after submitting your entry. You must post the URLs to any and all stock images used in your entry. You are allowed one post in this topic. That post should include your entry, links to your source images. Beyond these rules, if the competition host finds that the entry is clearly inappropriate for one reason or another, he or she may disqualify that entry without warning Note also that the winner of the current Weekly Skinning Competition gets to choose the subject for the next competition! ------------------------------------------------------------------ This thread is for posting your entries only! Which means there is no excuse for making a non-entry post. ------------------------------------------------------------------ If you wish to talk about one of the entries you can do so here. If a comment or other non-entry post is mistakenly made in this thread, it will be moved without penalty to the discussion thread. Just don't be surprised when it magically jumps over there. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Good luck all, and thanks for participating
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