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  1. All of forumer was down. It wasn't something the pdn spambots did. [wink]
  2. I offered a suggestion for the bunny legs, but then deleted it when I noticed that you'd finalized the picture the same day. I didn't want to seem picky. I like the texture on the flower! It seems more realistic, but it doesn't quite suit the green.
  3. Rant: People in love with themselves in the art, instead of loving the art within themselves. (paraphrased from a dead russian guy.) One takes criticism as an opportunity to pull the art further outward, the other takes offense at the attack on his object of affection.
  4. Dude... You're supposed to say "30's or maybe 40 - if it's an old pic." Oma's gonna get you.
  5. Fizzy is nice work - you should be very proud! Those gears rock, too.
  6. I agree with pyrotechniques, Mike: A surface texture on the backdrop would work wonders for the 3D effect and allow for an interesting variation in the light source, adding visual richness. Aside from that, I think the font is well-executed and and the colors are interesting. Forty-seven, forty-eight, forty-nine, fifty.
  7. Gotta add my appreciation to the pile, pyrochild. The more I learn about pdn, the more value I find in your plugins. Thanks for these!
  8. I love your gallery, Helen! It's inspiring to see what's possible with pdn, and it gives us all such cool ideas for our own work. Thanks!
  9. The spacescape rocks, for sure. If you're looking for nitpicks... There's a star or two in front of the planet at the lower left, screwing with the scale. It messes up an otherwise terrific execution. I like that you've chosen a vertical aspect - suggestive of a panel print. Now make two companion pieces, and you'll have a terrific set for the wall.
  10. I like the mountain - particularly the tonal contrast between the summit and the sunset. However, it seems sort of "wasted" when placed in the least interesting part of the canvas (nearly dead center.) Consider placing the summit in the upper-right third, with the landscape flowing downward to the left. It should meld better with the text. Also, I find the vertical text off-putting. It would flow better with the text positioned horizontally (atop the same gradient you now have) -- leading my eye up and to the right.
  11. I love that, yellowman. Bright and serene at the same time. Playing with a water theme myself: Pyrochild's jitter is an awesome effect! Ed Harvey's effects rock, too. Both were used atop hand-work to create the waterfall and foliage.
  12. I can't see them in the normal way, either. However, if I cross my eyes slightly and attempt to weakly focus on a spot in the stereogram, it becomes apparent. Turning my head slightly seems to help.
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