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  1. Wait... what? "She died in the same ways he had"?
  2. I could've sworn there was another thread by the name of 'Heart of the Tardis', but my searches are yielding no results. Anyways, the new Doctor reminds me of Simon Tam from Firefly.
  3. You could add friends on the last forum. I have a few of them, because on the last forum it'd put a green box next to PM's and new threads. Quite useful.
  4. I get what you mean! :lol:

    Why do we need a status on a forum??

  5. I followed your quick guide, got to the part where I could edit my profile, but there is not a single area for the AIM information. Only other IM clients.
  6. There isn't a view your own posts link, but you can always use the Advanced Search option and search for all posts written by a specific author, in this case you.
  7. I see somebody found a Fast Reply mod Fast Reply only works in some places. I cannot see the Fast Reply in the offtopic thread, for example I second Simon's request for better icons per post and forum. Just minor alterations - like greyscaling or transparency - would really help at just glancing at topics.
  8. Another issue: On my profile page, my AIM account name is readily available. However, I cannot find a single place to change this setting. I see the area to change other IM clients such as YIM, Jabber, etc but not one for AIM.
  9. While I'm here, a few suggestions: IP.Gallery to eventually replace the Pictorium and IP.Downloads to replace the Plugins section. This would really be a lot sleeker and more intuitive, giving individual plugin authors more control over distribution. Also, now that we are on a better system I have a new Mod Staff position: Verified Community Leaders. VCLs are responsible for promoting growth of the community by taking on responsibilities such as: - Pin topics (Sticky posts) - Manage forum games both in the Alfredo and General Discussion - Manage the Galleria - Work as a separate entity (Their own private forum) Sample suggestions for this position: CommanderSozo (GD&Q), Oma (Pictorium), Simon Brown (Plugins), etc. They don't have the power of a moderator (they can't ban members, can't lock threads, can't access to the Mod Lounge) but they are verified personnel capable of making actions or replying to questions in more of an official capacity.
  10. Mine: I can' edit my gallery because I have exceeded the allotted number of images per post.
  11. As pointed out in the <offtopic>, there seems to be an image count restriction. This is rather annoying in the Pictorium as it has broken many galleries. Also, can we have the original PM count back (not 50) or no PM count at all?
  12. Great work, Rick! Everything seems to have moved over without harm. Edit: Birthdays weren't preserved. At least, mine was not. Insignificant, but figured I'd point it out. Second Edit: Post counts now seem to count posts in hidden forums. In other words, congrats on your 'thousandth, D.A!
  13. @Sarkut: You alright, man? You seem a little... blanked out (I reference your lack of avatar of signature, along with the picture of you.)
  14. I think he means pinning plugins to the tools menu, which all of the sudden seems like a perfect solution to the 'Plugins cannot add new tools." argument.
  15. Hmm... I don't think I have ever considered warm, buttery popcorn an American food before. Kinda makes me want some now
  16. Here is an interesting statistic that I think some of you might find fascinating. What are the top keywords that redirect users from search engines to SpreadPaint.NET? What plugin should I try and get redistribution rights too now?
  17. No kidding. I told Dan this afternoon when I first downloaded it that I wasn't even going to try and understand it.
  18. Yes, he has. I'll look into it, but only for the education. Somebody should ask one of the more prestigious plugin authors too look into a port.
  19. It is commonly called 'Shape3D' without the space. Here you go: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=5271
  20. I made a very dangerous yet daring move today for lunch: instead of going for the usual Nutella and PB sammy, I pulled out the Jiff Fluff and created a nutafluffer entente sandwich. How's that for ?
  21. What stops you creating a test copy of the database? Good idea. That'll save me some time.
  22. I really do wish it was that easy. The fact of the matter is that it isn't. You cannot execute a .PHP file from a localhost. You literally have to install the PHP client to a server install, and I have no plans to create a local server install as I do not have systems available to dedicate to this. It'd be easier, yes, but a lot more work. I don't get anymore than twenty to forty hits a day on the site, so it wasn't too big of a problem. It has been fixed, and the modifications will be deployed when the script is ready. Most links are relative. I'm going to create a test install of WordPress and port over the theme and plugins. I don't want a testing ground to be plugged into the same database the main site is using.
  23. Ever executed a .PHP file locally? Neither have I. Plus the SpreadPaint.NET WordPress theme is highly modular. For future changes like this one, I'll install a test server. In defense, Analytics told me that nobody would notice. It won't be too long until it looks purrtty.
  24. Very very broken website for a few more hours. I've gotten something planned, and the break wasn't an accident. Think something along the lines of CMD + jQuery
  25. There might be, but that wasn't exactly the solution I came up with when I was talking to CMD about it the other day. With a bit of research I found that there is a CSS3 class that allows you to declare a font hosted on the webserver which would be 'cache installed' on the machine. Here is the class: @font-face { font-family: MyCustomFont; src: url("tru.TTF") } So, after showing that to CMD he informed me that is wasn't a standard class just yet, and that it wouldn't load correctly into Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer only supports the .EOT font filetype. Final solution: @font-face { font-family: " BadaBoom BB "; src: url( /tru.TTF ); /* IE */ src: local(" BadaBoom BB "), url( /tru.TTF ) format("truetype"); /* non-IE */ } .yourFontName { font-family:" BadaBoom BB ", verdana, helvetica, sans-serif; } p{ font-family: BadaBoom BB; } http://mryandesigns.com/Test/ All standards compliant browsers will overwrite the src: url declaration in favor of the src: local, however Internet Explorer doesn't recognize the 'local' delimiter and will default to the .EOT file. The last problem standing in front of CMD's way? It was a licensed (as in 'pay for') font. :?
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