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  1. For the young and the ignorant: 4/20 is a reference to the smoking (or other forms of ingesting) cannabis. Some myth to the day relates to some college kids smoking at 4:20 after school. It caught on.
  2. Stocks are allowed, but try not to do much more than some icons. WSC goes better if a large majority of your work is hand crafted
  3. New competition is up! Read the rules first, as this theme has some extras!
  4. Weekly Skinning Competition THIS WEEKS THEME: PAINT.NET UTILITY WINDOWS | DEADLINE: 04/27/10 Hosted by Mike Ryan, Theme chosen by Pablo And the winner is... Congratulations to the winners ----------------------------------------------------------------- Congratulations to The Bird with a very narrow victory! Following very close behind in second place is L3ron, followed in third place by Sarkut. Congratulations all, and thanks for the participations! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Check the Weekly Skinning Competition Rules! If your entry breaks any of the rules it will be disqualified. ------------------------------------------------------------------ There is no maximum image size, but you are limited to THREE images per entry, and if any of the images are larger than 800x800, please LINK to it instead! No crude / offensive language, pics, et cetera. Unlike previous incarnations of Skinning Competitions, the theme focuses on a single element. Do not stray from the theme! Only one entry per person and no modifications to your image are allowed after submitting your entry. You must post the URLs to any and all stock images used in your entry. You are allowed one post in this topic. That post should include your entry, links to your source images. Beyond these rules, if the competition host finds that the entry is clearly inappropriate for one reason or another, he or she may disqualify that entry without warning Note also that the winner of the current Weekly Skinning Competition gets to choose the subject for the next competition! ------------------------------------------------------------------ This thread is for posting your entries only! Which means there is no excuse for making a non-entry post. ------------------------------------------------------------------ If you wish to talk about one of the entries you can do so here. If a comment or other non-entry post is mistakenly made in this thread, it will be moved without penalty to the discussion thread. Just don't be surprised when it magically jumps over there. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Good luck all, and thanks for participating
  5. Pablo won. Congrats! The next competition will be up tomorrow evening.
  6. Black on ice. French Press please, I like sucking up shredded coffee grinds. Mmm... Imma go make one right now. Edit: CHAI is TEA. But i do love it!
  7. And Dan Larson never misses an opportunity to call ME an Opera fanboy!
  8. Yup, Opera is fantastic. Faster than Chrome, minimal UI, responsive, and includes a full suite of internet applications.
  9. Two stocks, from here: http://forums.mtgsalvation.com/showthread.php?t=226793 Large versions of stock images: http://www.rarityguide.com/images/mtg/roe/127295_CN.jpg http://www.rarityguide.com/images/mtg/roe/127262_CN.jpg
  10. I completely forgot to submit my entry. I'll let it live here to remember it by:
  11. Well, add mine to the list: Michael Ryan. Just call me Mike for short
  12. If it helps, my real name isn't Mike Ryan.
  13. No offense to Dan and his company, but their hosting plans weren't created to rival with other full-hosting companies - price wise and feature wise.
  14. It's because it is reloading the page, then the script initializes on $(document).ready where it sees you are hovering over the link you clicked and jumps. Once ported to a CMS, clicking on any of the design tabs will take you to a webpage about that particular design.
  15. Yes, all of the links should have been written with a #, my mistake. There's nothing to link to, anyways, and I still need to check everything in other browsers. I am pretty sure there are going to be a massive load of Internet Explorer issues to tackle. It looks great in Opera!
  16. The entire layout is finished! I am really happy with the end result and now I am going to begin porting it to Thematic WordPress, and then go live. http://redesign.mryandesigns.com
  17. I'm changing my host this summer, as well. IX Webhosting (my current host) has outsourced a lot of their customer support, and I've noticed poor response times. Worst of all: their advertising of Ruby support is a farce. I learned Ruby to do a bit of server side programming, and my host let me down big time. So, after a lot of research on the best web host I found that Blue Host is usually ranked really high. I don't have any experience with them, but you should check it out.
  18. If I recall correctly, that is a bit of that horrid lolcat .NET programming language. What's it called? LOLCODE, right?
  19. So far so good, guys! Keep up the good entries!
  20. Thanks for all of the comments! I've begun to chop the layout, and so far so good: http://redesign.mryandesigns.com
  21. I'll admit, those thumbnails were hastily cropped and poorly resized. I'm not even sure which ones I want to feature on the front page. I think I'll focus getting as much of the design in as possible, because there will be a :hover effect on each of them that will lighten them up and tell you just a snippet more about them.
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