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  1. Ooh they're on a streak of destruction! I agree, David. Some discussions just gravitate towards subjects that are bound to repeat over and over.
  2. Thanks David, I can definitely see your reasoning, and that's what I've decided on as well. Regardless of whether its everlasting or not, I ought to enjoy it while it's here. And no offense was meant towards Rubrica, I have the highest respect for him
  3. Hah, maybe I should have been a wee bit more specific huh Okay, well I just wanted some consent, hehe. I know you're all random people scattered over the globe, but I feel like we're at the very least good acquaintances on here And, yes, I've experienced the joys and sorrows, often at the same time... so I know what you mean there. And, who says it has to last, you know? I think it can be about enjoying it while it's here. Anyway, that's enough lovey dovey stuff from Nabster for now How bout them Phoenix Suns, eh?
  4. Well she's in her late 50s... Haha, come on! She's my age. But yes, I take it? Seems strange though... other people my age aren't really paired off, you know? And if they are it usually only lasts a week or so. But I don't see this ending any time soon at all.
  5. I completely agree with Oma! Very very nice job on those two, they're fantastic! I saw the puppet in your avatar and had to come check out your gallery. You've got some really great artistic potential here, do keep it up!
  6. I don't mean to pull a Rubrica on the forum But I've got myself in an interesting predicament. So a few months ago I started seeing this lady, right? Well now I'm in love. No doubt about it, and it's mutual, but I'm just a 16 year old kid... Is that practical? Ethical? What do you guys think?
  7. I agree with Kemaru, good advice there I had that experience once -- I spiked up my hair under my hoodie, so then all the roots turned around, and when I tried to push it back down it hurt like crazy! But it could easily be a shampoo -- especially anti-dandruff stuff can really make things weird up there.
  8. Pyro: I like to think they're in a better place now Seems Myrddin pursued a life in archeology, right? That's probably keeping him busy. I wonder what Ash has been up to though... _____ Hmm, just realized I hadn't updated the daylight savings time on the board settings... oops
  9. Sozo your new sig is delicious. And yes, I agree -- it seems all of a sudden most of the mods are back and active :o
  10. I thought the same thing Very nice Mike, it's beautiful
  11. Very nice! the reflected light on the texture surface on the bottom right is fantastic! very very nice, the extra bright stars do take away from realism, but heck, this looks more like a fantasy image to me anyway, which is spectacular in its own right.
  12. Is that from your brand new macro lens? I like, very nice... eye
  13. Ahahahah!! Oh mah goodnes... that was so hilarious. Pure genius
  14. Indeed I must be! I have many friends with At&t, it must be just good local coverage I guess. Anyway, they complain at times as well. So I guess it's all very subjective, really. However if we are talking iPhones specifically, my brother has one and I have coverage even when he doesn't, so I do think there might be something to those allegations.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't AT&T known for its poor network coverage/service amongst iPhone users? Wouldn't that effect your Nexus One or is AT&T just being depicted as the "big bad network" when it isn't in reality?I managed to get 31/40 in a Physics test which is 78% which is an A*. :shock: Secondly, I got a Level 7B in my English work I did although whilst it could have been better, our teacher has been giving the majority of the class a Level 5 or 6 which is just extremely harsh. I have At&t on my Samsung Solstice, and haven't had really any problems -- even in remo
  16. Social networking. SO I gave in to the guise for a while. All it does it dehumanize and desocialize people -- it gets rid of a need for a physical presence, physical contact, and real time response. Blegh, I'm done with it all, going 1990s from now on
  17. Kemaru -- your current sig is great man! You've totally developed a unique style for yourself -- I don't even have to look at the username to know it's yours Very nice, excellent blending and the colors are fantastic
  18. The total combined height of your sigs needs to be about 150 px man, right now they're much too tall. Next rate previous
  19. Hahaha, the Oatmeal is genius! Just pure genius...
  20. Not that I've seen... Everything seems to be going to Avatar, consistently anyway. Don't get me wrong, Avatar was a great movie, but I think it's getting more praise than it really deserves.
  21. Awesome I'm watching the Oscars right now, and every time they play music from the movie I get all excited, hehehe. I think Sherlock was certainly overshadowed by Avatar, very unfortunate.
  22. Uncontrolled monopolizing man... it's gotta change some time
  23. Thank you all for the kind words! oma, no worries, I've moved away from the enticements of that evil program, and am fully back to doing things the real way with Paint.NET
  24. I agree, David. But for some reason it's easiest for me in the shower -- that's when I get inside my own world. I don't know why the shower, specifically , but that's how it is for me anyway. Mike, that's impressive! Dang man - I see what you mean - I've done just the same as well. Though I'm sure you're at a whole other level
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