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  1. Hahahaha..... Ohh man you are certainly unique
  2. Bleh, those are amazing but have a sick after taste in my opinion... Wayy better than any of the cheesy junk though 8)
  3. You know you can literally fix those now, right? But blegh -- I'm a thin crust guy to be honest pyrochild, you're my favorite person ever. We should go snowboarding some time.
  4. I'm a Hawaiian guy myself 8) Dee - e - lish
  5. Flickering stars actually -- top middle, hehehe. Your sig could make a very nice animation -- I can see it now. Actually I can't any more, thankfully. But I did before
  6. Haha, nice save there before Mike I agree with both sides -- though I tend to side with Mike. There will always be plenty of work to be done, but there won't always be such special opportunities. Like Mike said, if it's natural, go for it! It'll either end, so you can move on, or continue, so you can be happy. Win win for everyone.
  7. Nope it's not. But it was. Contacts must have been playing tricks with me. Or I'm going insane. hehehe
  8. Zwicky, unless I'm crazy I just realized your sig is animated Very subtle I had an awesome night too! Love Valentine's time.
  9. Hehehe, it's all about infatuation man It's like insurance from commitment, works wonders.
  10. ONLY if you get caught. Trust me :twisted: :shock:
  11. Bloody food works too... But think of the torching potential! Though an unpleasant smell might develop... Okay now I'll stop taking this too far
  12. I was just about to say the same thing man! The spam is relentless!
  13. NO WAY!! HAHA I saw pyro was green and I went crazy! Forget the ban hammer, bring out the blow torch
  14. So, I got my license about a week ago... and lately my parents have had me running errands for them... but today I had an essay to write before 5 PM (4:45 Pacific time right now). So just a few minutes ago, as I was frantically writing my essay, as after all, I am one of the world's greatest procrastinators , my parents asked me to run another errand. Well, I had an essay to write, and so refused. Following my refusal, I was yelled at and deemed selfish. Now here's my question... If I'm too busy with homework to do something for my parents, and yet they're not too busy to do it for th
  15. OOhh my golly darn... I have a ridiculous week ahead of me... though a nice valentines date to wrap it up, so it ought to balance out
  16. The gun looks fantastic -- very nice cell shading
  17. Meh, I dunno about Burn Notice guys -- lately it's just been losing what little credibility it ever had... White Collar still holds my interest, along with Psych and House
  18. OOo I like that idea! hahaha I would say I want in too, but then we'd have a crowd Now I wanna see what Mike's profile's gonna look like
  19. Does this in any way impact me? I'm being rather dense tonight, hahaha I see your point now Blooper :oops: Oh, and cazaron, I'm diggin' that sequence of smileys you've got going on there
  20. Hehe, I doubt you'd leave it there unless it was in some remote location
  21. That's awesome! Haha, I'd never heard of people doing that before I wonder what my catalog number was...
  22. I think there's some sort of photo manipulation contest somewhere in the GQ section of the forum -- might be a good new topic to bring up, ya know? This does seem interesting though
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