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  1. I... uhm -- do most of my learning during tests.
  2. You mean the tilt shifting? I believe David wrote a tutorial on how to do it... lemme look for it Here it is
  3. Those are some of the ones I tried. RAW File doesn't work at all, and the other does open my picture but it looks like someone ran clouds on XOR over it 10 times... Thanks for the effort though
  4. Yes, I currently have the IcoCur one installed.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm just wondering if any one is using a RAW loader that actually works for them. I've searched the plugin index and tried every plugin listed there with no success. If you do have a loader that seems to work for you, would you be able to point me in the right direction? Thanks To clarify, I am running Windows XP SP3.
  6. That is sooo awesome! Hah! Ahh I heart Google
  7. I don't find it surprising that a good portion of the discussion on this forum isn't Paint.NET related - after all, most of the discussion to be had isn't Paint.NET related. Therefore I think it's perfectly natural for a good portion of the activity to be in the Overflow... the forum is usually kind and considerate, a good place to have a discussion online.
  8. Agreed! I've tried those as well, the on-ear are just smaller - more portable But yes, Audio heaven for sure EDIT: Grammar fixes
  9. I've got the bose on ear headphones -- fantastic sound... Just absolutely amazing, and they work well for drumming as well. And guys, the asymmetrical lengths are good for running and doing other activities in which you don't want chords dangling in front of you. But I agree for casual listening there's just no need.
  10. I thought it was legit at first... hahaha such garbage...
  11. Thanks Well, I figure a 5 is completely neutral, so a 7 is definitely tipped towards Like, ya know?
  12. Happiness: Got a 104% on my Public Speaking mid-term, and found out I'm ranked first in class. This is all with no study time of any kind at all -- turns out I've got a knack for retention of useless statistics of all of a sudden Happiness #2: Saw the midnight premier of Ironman 2 last night!! awesome movie for sure, I give it a 7.7/10.
  13. NO way me too! Every time we'd go to the local Safeway we'd buy a new flavor of SoBe.. But yeah then it decided to get all expensive. Plus I'm a coke guy.
  14. Beautiful weather is here! Sure, it's just 70 degrees, but it sure beats winter! I love the change of seasons.
  15. ImAnOwl? ! that's silly Myrddin!! Good to see ya back
  16. Sozo you play Battlefield Heroes? No way! I was a beta tester months ago, haven't played in ages!
  17. But doesn't that take the 'open-source' attitude out of it all? I agree it would certainly work though.
  18. That really sucks guys... I can't imagine how much time you put into these plugins. If I had cash, I would donate! But until then, you have my condolences...
  19. Ooohh.... Shiny That's pretty delicious, Rick...
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