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  1. No way seriously guys? I do that aaaaallll the time! Hah I'll randomly just think of interactions with people, and make counter arguments, and counter counter arguments, etc., etc., living conversations before they even happen
  2. I think the interesting thing about Avatar is that, to me at least, the effects weren't obnoxious and in my face -- they just flowed casually and realistically. That's what made the 3D great for me in Avatar. Alice looks amazing, I'm planning on watching it soon, definitely.
  3. myoriah that sounds fantastic! Gamer: They're delicious 8)
  4. Blegh the cast seems iffy... I remember that show on Nick a few years back -- it was great! So who knows, maybe the movie won't be a complete flop.
  5. If you're not gonna use S3D you might wanna try out Bulge instead. Make sure to paint over the shadow - you wouldn't have stars leaking through
  6. I know what you mean man -- stuff gets in the way -- it's all a game of give and take. Right now my grades are giving... a lot. So maybe I oughtta slow down
  7. Happiness: Sweetheart's Dance last night was awesome Sometimes I like social life.
  8. :AddNoise: :AddNoise: Happy 16th birthday Kemaru! :AddNoise: :AddNoise:
  9. She's trying to play 'friends' man. I've got two of those
  10. Hehe... yes I believe Mike speaks words of wisdom.
  11. Pyro: 8) It just feels so good. uH: I think you're justified, it being your own thread and all..
  12. Ohh yes...horribly cliched garbage in my opinion too. While watching it I have to seriously suspend all logic and rationality. But it has its moments, so I keep coming back every week... And yes the theme song is so dominant I never skip it, hehehe
  13. Hey -- that's Casey from Chuck.. and the loyalist scum from The Patriot. hehehe
  14. Haha! No way! That's awesome. Actually I just listen to Shine Acoustic by Muse But that works out well too
  15. Ahh, undercover -- see I think the whole franchise got silly as it went all "gangsta" status, you know? I like the more classic non-street side of NFS. And as for rain, aaahh man -- especially with the mountains! That's like the best sense / smell on earth
  16. Vista? -- rain is amazing - love the smell Csm -- which NFS?
  17. Hehehe, I remember when LFC put up something like that last year Totally genius.
  18. Hahaha... oohh boy. Create and sustain were the real selling points for me, hehe. Nabbie just cracked up laughing.
  19. Hehehehehe.... Ahahaha I could see that "create and sustain" You are right though, you are 11, who am I kidding... hah, I forget that quite often. Yes then, I'll take your side on this one. But in time, in time. Pshh, I'm just 16 who am I kidding? :?
  20. Cazaron, in the winter, 15 feels reaally good
  21. Yes, definitely. I see where you're coming from with that logic as well -- I'm sure we all have those doubts and fears in our minds at times. And you are correct in your assumption that it will pass eventually... but my question is, do you want it to? What happens when things change, and you can't keep just floating on in this idle state? Sure, there's a great amount of safety and comfort in not moving forward with things -- it's familiar, it's (like you said) what you've always done. But don't you want to know what 'more' could be? It would easily put a major weight on your life, crowdin
  22. Goonfella, you know what's good, you know you're awesome So I'm gonna skip straight to the criticism... The perspective seems off -- you oughtta use guides to make sure it's accurate -- it's not bad, but just seems a bit inconsistent to me. Also, I would try to work on a more focused light source -- from what I can tell it ought to be coming from above, yet the text on the radio has shadows indicating it's coming from below. Also, the vignetting looks very nice, though it also misleads me in my search for light direction. Just a couple things you might want to think about Totally awes
  23. Hahaha, you're special just like everybody else. _____ Not meant in a negative way Rubrica -- just interesting to see you'd rather avoid your infatuation rather than confront her... Plus your vocabulary is light years ahead of mine, hah _____ Happiness: Nice weather! Finally! Three days now, of clear blue skies. Temperature's in the low 60's (15C), it would appear winter is ending early this year.
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