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  1. aw.. maybe that's what JonnyreV wants to say.. He just made it complicated with the blahs hehe.. peace dude.. hmmm maybe i'll give it a shot thanks
  2. i like them the assasin's creed and crisis are my faves
  3. i used these renders/stocks..credits to the owners i base my works thru tuts since i'm still learning how to make a good siggy and i think that's why tuts are there
  4. Thanks Toinkzy08 I get my fonts from dafont.com 1001fonts.com The fonts i use though are: Jey Scriptina Optimus Princeps Swiss912 David thanks hun
  5. hahaha i wish i made it lol.. the stranger made that as a gift hehe (hahaha sorry dude ) thanks barbieq ill check that
  6. thanks guys yeah im having prob with that pixelated things... i cant figure it out but ill take your advice thanks again
  7. so cute nice work.. keep it coming i didnt update my PdN.. dont want to have troubles again lol
  8. im scared to have issues again with my brushes and other plug-ins.. lol so i think i better stick with v3.5 and check other comments/reviews about this new update once in awhile
  9. omg... cool.. tuts please hehe where do you get your fonts?
  10. nice can u make a tut for that green signature..please hehe..
  11. aw its ok.. i visit your vid tuts every now and then... thanks
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