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  1. this is my new imagem made in 20 min:
  2. please comment my second image.made by bdjony1 I acept critiqs beacause its with critiqs that i'm learning how to make better images sorry the horryblr english
  3. i like to know how you have made your new signature its so cooooool
  4. i like the image sayng peace and the la le li lo or somethimg like that. but i prefer the grafitti like.
  5. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MY avatar and my signature comment pls avatar and signature by me made in paint.net
  6. i like the planet with a dragon very coollllllll
  7. i'm a begginer too i like the graffiti like i'ts burning :twisted:
  8. thanks for sayng now i know the error now the link ins't broken anymore sorry the bad english i'm portuguese
  9. hello i made this image in paint.netand i want your opinion abou the image. sorry the bad english heres the link: http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/7662/fractal.th.png http://img402.imageshack.us/i/fractal.png/ please comment pls comment about my first signature
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