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  1. Gotta have the .NET framework for PDN...
  2. Hey it's Jake! Is the tape supposed to look like it's on the CD? Or in the scene? If in the scene I would lighten up on the drop shadow, and instead project it onto the ground/man. Also, the notepad's shadow looks a bit funky, but then again I assume there would be many many light sources so there's really no problem there. Very nice manip man, nice and balanced, sharp, and I like the colors as well
  3. Ahh, okay, makes sense. I noticed the feature on forumer too, but never bothered to find out, hah. Well thanks for he info
  4. Hey! Clicking that little man under people's names adds them as friends. Hi Sozo hahaha What's the point of friends? Does my account subscribe to their posts or what?
  5. Trying this out from safari for iPhone, and I must say I like it much better than before - it's much more simple and streamlined. Don't get me wrong, regular themes as viewed on pcs / etc are great too, but navigating from a portable device has een greatly fascilitated, thanks
  6. Well, they've contributed somehow, they're credited for the song after all. I think they come in during one the choruses - and maybe they helped with mixing too... Wiki might be of help who knows. Anyway, for some reason this just kind of hit me, and I agree that it is satirical -- I don't know how many other artists push against the flow like this, I usually try to stay out completely, but it definitely caught my attention.
  7. Assuming you're in cali, and that it's a double spaced paper, with a reasonably generic topic, you have a good long while left. I think it's realistically doable, seriously. Of course those are a lot of assumptions, so maybe I'm way off
  8. So... I'm really not into mainstream music, like at all. Seriously. Anyway, my brother showed me , and it's had me thinking.It portrays the man drinking and going crazy at a party, then towards the end he crashes at his house and regrets what he's done. But the reason I bring it up is, I mean, it's against all that, right? He's saying how it doesn't bring happiness, it's all nightmare, right? I dunno, for a mainstream pop song I thought was a parody and joke, it's kinda had me thinking - seems to be a little deeper than I would have originally thought. Tell me what you think people!
  9. I don't know about the rest of the community, but one of the sole purposes of this forum for me is purely that of procrastination, hehehehe BoltBait you've got plenty of time
  10. They're coming to Finland in July, and I'M NOT HERE. Oohh noes! Dang man they don't tour too often! Well you'll just have to be there with me in spirit Hahaha, I'll make sure to take pics and stuff man
  11. Hey! That's...not how I pictured you! Hahaha, nice thrusting action there XD
  12. MUUUUUUSSSSEEEEEE This Friday!! Heck yes
  13. Reee eee diculous... (Yes I know ridiculous has an i =P ) That's like "auto" photoshop! It takes all the skill out... Great results though, very efficient.
  14. My spring break was 2 weeks ago. It was timed perfectly though for me. Final Fantasy XIII came out the same week, so I just stayed home and played it all week. Best spring break ever. Forget the beach. lol Hah, why enjoy life when you can spend it in front a game? Hahaha, just kidding man I have done virtually nothing all week. The wild parties pyro was referring to don't start til Thursday night,
  15. Also noticed some stuff on the top right of your larger planet, though it's probably just JPEG artifacts... Very nice work Sozo! Love your new sig and the space stuff you're working on
  16. Nutella is the gods' spread! You daredevil you...
  17. [continued from Sanctuary] Unfortunately, all of my highschool friends are still in school this week. And next week theirs starts, which happens to be when mine ends. So talk about bad timing, eh?
  18. Spring Break! [continued in rants]
  19. Dude heck yes! Can't wait to see em, seriously
  20. So true... oh so true... That guy understands me Pure genius.
  21. That's awesome I'm sure they will... eventually
  22. No way seriously? For what show? (Is it a local Finnish one?)
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