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  1. The Clone Stamp tool is still available. https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/CloneStamp.html
  2. All built-in GPU Effects are internal classes, so you can't use them in your code.
  3. Hi @old banshee This issue has nothing to do with Windows Update, but rather a small change in the most recent version of Paint.NET. A new version of ScriptLab will need to be compiled and published.
  4. Maybe you can just use the Tube effect plugin: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/3491-tube-effect/
  5. Disable Avast, and see if the issue persists. Let us know how it goes.
  6. The total is 7 reactions per day. That total is collective for all reactions, so 7 means 7. I believe it is a rolling 24 hours based on the time of your oldest reaction in the last 24 hour period. Sorry, you can only give one reaction per post. If you try to choose a second reaction, your first one will be undone. Each of these reactions awards 1 reputation point, so reacting with all 6 reactions would award 6 reputation points.
  7. You'll have to ask the folks at Norton; no one here would know the answer.
  8. Looks like you could take advantage of PreRender() This makes your code much faster, since you no longer compute the same exact stuff over and over. // Name: // Submenu: // Author: // Title: // Version: // Desc: // Keywords: // URL: // Help: #region UICode IntSliderControl pts = 50; // [1,200] Points DoubleSliderControl var_density = 1; // [0.01,2] Density DoubleSliderControl H = 0.05; // [-5,5] H DoubleSliderControl K = 3; // [-75,75] K DoubleSliderControl var_zoom = 1; // [0.1,1] Zoom AngleControl var_ang = 0; // [-180,180] Angle PanSliderControl Origin = Pair.Create(0.0,0.0
  9. I think if you describe what the popcorn macro is supposed to do, we could probably help you write some C# code for it.
  10. Thanks for the extra testing everyone. I've attached the patched version to the first post. My aim was to fix the crash without changing the plugin's behavior. That's how the original plugin did it, so it's working as expected.
  11. At the request of the author, the tutorials were deleted.
  12. Over the years, there have been many reports of crashes with this plugin. I believe I have fixed the issue, but I need some people to test the plugin and make sure it still functions 100% properly.
  13. @NSD In your second image, the src and dst parameters have been swapped. They need to be in the correct order.
  14. We actually got the competition started yesterday, but once the deadline for entries has past, feel free to create a poll for it. Thanks!
  15. Paint.NET Banner Ad You have two weeks to create a banner ad for Paint.NET. @BoltBait will run the winning entry on his website, https://BoltBait.com, until he gets tired of looking at it. Deadline: November 4th, 2020 at 9:00 PM UTC-0 (UK Time) Rules: - Image must be made in Paint.NET; plugins allowed; clipart allowed; official Paint.NET logo allowed - Image dimensions need to be 468x89 or smaller - Image files only; no HTML5/JavaScript/Flash - Image may be static or animated - You may modify or replace your image until the deadline
  16. I'd be willing to run the competition, if none of the regular hosts step up.
  17. There's no way to do that from CodeLab. You'll have to export the plugin to Visual Studio. Here's some example code for the property rule: new ReadOnlyBoundToValueRule<int, Int32Property>(PropertyNames.Target, PropertyNames.Source, 5, false)
  18. Yes, Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 7 will continue to receive signature updates until 2023. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17150/windows-7-what-is-microsoft-security-essentials
  19. What you're describing did not exist. Maybe the meaning of your words got lost in translation. Can you post a screenshot of the button in v4.1.x ?
  20. People aren't meant to run the example code, but if it bothers you, submit a Pull request on the Github project.
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