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  1. Sounds like you have an existing installation that has become broken. You can use this utility to remove the broken installation: Afterwards, you can install anew.
  2. He had a valid concern, and Pixey agreed with him. As for the "last day" timing to eliminate competition: Removing a wick can be as simple as unchecking a few Layers. It's not like a whole new image needs to be made. We're talking 5 minutes of work (conservative estimation). You need to provide some evidence or a rationale. People are innocent until proven guilty. Here is what I've observed: He is talented with Paint.NET, as evidenced by his many tutorials.
  3. There's no DrawImage method that only takes ints. One of the parameters needs to be an image. Closest one would be: DrawImage(Image image, int x, int y, int width, int height)
  4. @Russolewis, sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, we are not able to assist with issues within the Microsoft Store. I suggest you ask Microsoft for a refund. The classic Paint.NET is freely available here:
  5. Also check out the Selection Clipping Modes:
  6. Can you give specific steps to reproduce the issue?
  7. Many of the FileTypes (including PNG) were changed/upgraded/modernized in Paint.NET v4.2. If you go to File -> New, and then save it as a PNG, will that too be corrupted? Did this issue start with Paint.NET v4.2.0 for you? You are using the built-in PNG option, and not some FileType plugin (such as OptiPNG)?
  8. It works fine for me too, but there's plenty of anecdotal evidence showing it's broken (hangs/freezes) in certain cases:
  9. Make sure you're logging in with your forum username. It's claims your email address will work, but it doesn't.
  10. The issue won't fixed in v4.2.6, unless you properly report it. Please post a crash log, so it can be diagnosed and fixed.
  11. Visual Studio has a handy feature where it suggests some generic names for variables. Now CodeLab will have the same feature.
  12. Sounds like the plugin is just broken. Many people have reported the same issue. There's nothing you can do about that. I suggest using a different program for printing images.
  13. Sorry, it is not. You'll need to create thumbnails yourself. There's no need to manually edit code: just post your thumbnail image and use the link button in the forum editor.
  14. Ok, but please ensure your images comply with size requirements: If you want to showcase full resolution, please use thumbnails (max of 800px x 800px) that link to the full resolution. Thanks.
  15. That was a very old tutorial written when the forum used BB Code. It was deleted when was no longer applicable. An admin will need to remove that link at the top of the Pictorium page.
  16. Yes, but Paint.NET doesn't use Avalonia, so that's sadly irrelevant and a moot point. Cross-platform support isn't on the list of priorities, and changing every single Control and Form (plus associated logic) to different UI toolkit would be a colossal amount of work.
  17. Yes. No.
  18. So what happens when you try to change to a different tool? Or is your Tools window just missing?
  19. Sounds like you're running a very old version of Windows 10. You'll need to run Windows Update so you're on Windows 10 v1607 or higher.
  20. This is a very old forum topic. Locked. More up-to-date information about an improved Brush system can be found here:
  21. Were you trying to save the file to Microsoft OneDrive?
  22. I'm working on some project templates for Visual Studio that will help. I'll probably work on them tomorrow and have something ready for you.
  23. I would guess it's an issue with the graphics driver, but let's make sure. NirSoft has a handy utility for viewing BSoD dumps, and it will show the cause. Let us know what you find.