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  1. A port for GNU/Linux is not possible either. Nearly all the software libraries Paint.NET utilizes are proprietary and only available on Windows. Not even the user interface can be ported; which is why the Pinta folks created theirs from scratch with GTK. There are, however, quality alternatives available on GNU/Linux. Krita works extremely well if you're using a Qt desktop, and there's GIMP if you're using a GTK desktop... or you can mix and match if you want.
  2. Looks like Paint.NET is crashing when trying to create a file that's part of the Undo History. Are you using any kind of third-party security software (that is to say, other than Windows Defender) ?
  4. Sounds like something is interfering with your %temp% directory. If you aren't deleting those .DLL files in %temp%, then maybe your malware is deleting them. Or maybe your anti-malware software deletes them. I don't know. If that's the case, there's really nothing we can fix up in CodeLab to resolve your issue. Under normal circumstances, restarting Paint.NET will fix that error.
  5. I'm not able to reproduce the issue. Can you also post a screenshot of these errors?
  6. If you close down Paint.NET and then re-open it, CodeLab should work again. Let us know how it goes. I'll see about preventing that error (or handling it more gracefully) in future versions of CodeLab.
  7. What's stopping it now? Do you see another error message or anything?
  8. Well that's not supposed to happen. The color profile should be purged after it's been applied that initial time. Can you share an example image that is having this issue? So we can open and save it many times, and see what's going on.
  9. You mean the change of color happens gradually over time? Otherwise, it might just be the Embedded Color Profile being applied when the image is initially opened. More info here:
  10. I split this into its own topic, since it has nothing to do with CodeLab.
  11. You haven't give us very much information to go on. What else can you tell us? What things have you tried? Can verify was actually installed?
  12. I'm sorry, but this makes zero sense.
  13. I've posted a bugfix release to fix a reported issue with UI fonts. As a "side effect" (not a pun), the label that said Delete Background has been shortened to say Clear Canvas. It functionality remains the same.
  14. You can use this plugin to automatically remove the White color. If you need further help/instructions, let us know.
  15. I fail to see how holding your hand on the pad helps you click. 🤔 If you need more precision, you can zoom in on the canvas. There are also plenty of third-party programs out there that will simulate mouse clicks with a keyboard key. Feel free to use one of them. Your agreement has been noted. Locked.
  16. And your other plugins work without issue?
  17. This should answer all your questions:
  18. The presentation went well. In addition to the normal folks at these monthly meetings, we also had one person from the Paint.NET community attend. Maybe he'll comment on what new things he learned (if anything ). Unfortunately, we didn't manage to record it, but here are the slides I used: The slides only contain brief overviews. During the presentation I went into more detail and commentary. I also switched into CodeLab itself for demonstrations (and CodeLab source code) various times throughout the presentation.
  19. Well, if it's an issue with saving images, then maybe Paint.NET v4.2 will help. It contains many improvements in regards to image saving. You can get the beta release here:
  20. Unfortunately, your description makes very little sense in English. A bad translation I suppose. ☹️ Do you see an Error Message?
  21. TechnoRobbo made the source code available, so we can create a bugfix release. I'll take care of it in the coming days.
  22. The saving of files has been improved for version 4.2. You can try the beta release:
  23. Ok, but explicit objects don't exist in Paint.NET like they do in CorelDraw.