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  1. Did you previously have Paint.NET installed on that computer? It's not actually installing those files. Rather, it's extracting those files, so they can be executed by the installation process.
  2. The saving of files has been improved for version 4.2. You can try the beta release:
  3. Ok, but explicit objects don't exist in Paint.NET like they do in CorelDraw.
  4. Depends... Where will they hover over it? In Windows Explorer? On a website? Somewhere else?
  5. Wait... are these .pdn files or .tga files? I assume .tga. If you're willing to use a Beta release, Paint.NET v4.2 has improved TGA support. It might help open the images.
  6. What's stopping you? Or, what happens when you try?
  7. Try disabling the 'Hardware accelerated rendering (GPU)' option in the Paint.NET settings. Also , do you have an Nvidia graphics card, and have any G-Sync features enabled?
  8. ImageMagick would be a good option for you.
  9. You don't need to make a selection, the Color Clearer plugin should do all the work for you.
  10. Ok, that's not so bad; a very solid background color. 1) Use the Color Picker () tool on the brown background color. 2) Run the Color Clearer plugin.
  11. It would help if we could see the image (or at least part of it, if it's sensitive... being a signature and all). It would probably be easier to extract if you re-write your signature on white paper; rather than the mixed gray and white paper.
  12. @Bryan Eggers, you've mistakenly downloaded the source code for TR's Alpha Cutter. Simply return to the webpage for the plugin, and click on the correct link.
  13. Indeed the performance could be quite lousy if the selection is large. Try this code with CodeLab:
  14. Outlining text is not a feature of Paint.NET, so you probably did use a plugin. You basically said, "I didn't use any plugins back then, because I don't currently have any installed now." The only other way to do that kind of outline would be to duplicate the layer many, many times, and manually reposition all of them.
  15. Sounds like you installed Paint.NET from the Microsoft Store, correct? The plugins will need to be added to each user account, since they're placed within the users' Documents directory.
  16. See full documentation here: Locked.
  17. That would have been cool. You could have even presented part of it with me. No guarantees, but I should be able to record it. I'm still figuring out what I'm going to cover in the presentation, and how nitty-gritty the technical details will be. If you want me to talk about something specific, this is the time to request it. Also, that Meetup page makes it look like it will last 2 hours, but it will probably only last about one hour.
  18. Please boot into Windows Safe Mode, and see if the issue persists. This will help identify if there's some third-party software on your system that's interfering somehow. If you don't know how: Let us know how it goes.
  19. @Edomondaisacuri, after taking a closer look at the screenshots you posted, it appears you're using Windows 8. The copy of Paint.NET you bought from the Microsoft Store only works with Windows 10.
  20. CodeLab provides the best scripting environment of any image editor. But have you ever wondered how CodeLab does what it does? On June 26th, I will be giving a technical presentation on the inner workings of CodeLab. The presentation will be in Provo, UT at a meeting of the Utah County .NET User Group. In the off chance that someone here is within driving distance of Provo, you should come check it out. Here's your chance to heckle and insult me in person!
  21. Instead of installing from the Microsoft Store website, try installing from the Microsoft Store app.
  22. I'm not sure I understand your issue. You say you're running out of font sizes, yet you are only using size 96.