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  1. No, it's not possible to implement that in a plugin. Sorry, the source code is not available for open development.
  2. You mean like CodeLab? Yes, if you know how to program, we can give you some tips.
  3. It seems the Updater can't connect to GitHub on Windows 7. I've tested this on two Windows 7 installations, and both failed. No update issues on Windows 10. only allows TLS v1.2 and v1.3 connections. Windows 7 does support v1.2, but it's off by default:
  4. Ok, it all depends on what @Pixey wants to allow (host's prerogative to have final say), but I do not think two loose sheets of paper qualify as a Notepad. Should a Notebook qualify as a Notepad (the former being much larger than the latter)? Where I come from, a Notepad fits in your shirt pocket. But of course, words definitions vary among different locales.
  5. Have you proved it to yourself? Did you inspect the image file after saving it in Paint.NET? Anyways, just tell them to change the DPI metadata on the image themselves. The image is already at the correct resolution (according to you). If they are hassling you about something so easy for them to change, you should just fire them and work with another party.
  6. The computed value of indy*4 + indx must always be less than 24 (that's the length you chose), but sometimes it's not.
  7. It seems the Invision software strips out all the additional frames when you attach the file. (assumption based on the fact that the file size is greatly reduced) I believe you'll need to submit your Feature Request to IPS, Inc. :
  8. I'm guess the upload service is modifying your image; that's not uncommon. I suggest Zipping your PNG file, and then upload the zip file instead. That should prevent the PNG from being modified.
  9. Here's an idea for a potentially annoying feature. - It would only show when there's no saved Effect Token. Meaning you haven't opened CodeLab and clicked OK. - There would be an option to completely disable it. See the CheckBox in the lower-right. - It could speed up the time it takes to open CodeLab, since a few things would be deferred (the Scintilla control, the Intelligent Assistive initialization, and code compiling). Although, the next version of CodeLab will already have some improvements to startup time, so the impact may not be grand. - It would (hopefully) make CodeLab easier to use for first-time users. So, a few questions for everyone using Codelab: If this feature was implemented, would you would disable it? How often do you use the default code when CodeLab opens? or do you usually Open an existing file or create a New file?
  10. The installer dumped a bunch of .NET Framework DLLs into the directory. Is that intentional?
  11. @Irreversible Extents, your screenshot shows that you're running a version of Windows 10 that's at least two years old. (Some of the Taskbar icons are a dead giveaway) Please run Microsoft's Windows 10 Update Assistant:
  12. BoltBait has a plugin for this situation.
  13. That image is a prime candidate for Magic Wand tool. Personally, I find the Lasso Select tool very cumbersome to use, so I rarely use it.
  14. That link was for an outdated version of .NET. Try this one instead: Do you already have that one installed?
  15. Sounds like you have an existing installation that has become broken. You can use this utility to remove the broken installation: Afterwards, you can install anew.
  16. He had a valid concern, and Pixey agreed with him. As for the "last day" timing to eliminate competition: Removing a wick can be as simple as unchecking a few Layers. It's not like a whole new image needs to be made. We're talking 5 minutes of work (conservative estimation). You need to provide some evidence or a rationale. People are innocent until proven guilty. Here is what I've observed: He is talented with Paint.NET, as evidenced by his many tutorials.
  17. There's no DrawImage method that only takes ints. One of the parameters needs to be an image. Closest one would be: DrawImage(Image image, int x, int y, int width, int height)
  18. @Russolewis, sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, we are not able to assist with issues within the Microsoft Store. I suggest you ask Microsoft for a refund. The classic Paint.NET is freely available here:
  19. Also check out the Selection Clipping Modes:
  20. Can you give specific steps to reproduce the issue?
  21. Many of the FileTypes (including PNG) were changed/upgraded/modernized in Paint.NET v4.2. If you go to File -> New, and then save it as a PNG, will that too be corrupted? Did this issue start with Paint.NET v4.2.0 for you? You are using the built-in PNG option, and not some FileType plugin (such as OptiPNG)?