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  1. It's part of the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime. Rick explained here:
  2. This plugin uses Reflection to access a private field that no longer exists in Paint.NET. FieldInfo fi = input.GetType().GetField("stream", BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Instance); FileStream fs = fi.GetValue(input) as FileStream; This is not a bug in Paint.NET. The plugin will need to updated. This is why there are rules; to protect plugins from becoming broken like this.
  3. It's the same exact one that I posted earlier in the week. Since you validated it, I promoted it to the first post.
  4. I have posted a bug-fix release (v2.1) in the first post. It solves two performance issues: - If there was not an image on the clipboard, the plugin re-attempted to retrieve an image from the clipboard on every single pixel. This is why the plugin would hang sometimes. - The plugin computed shading data on every single pixel, even when a pixel didn't need or use shading data. It should be much faster now. Also, the plugin now uses a built-in method from Paint.NET to retrieve images from the clipboard; simplify the plugin source code.
  5. I know you're excited and all, but please refrain from using all caps and letter/punctuation elongation. The custom text color and size is a bit unnecessary too. No hard feelings. Thanks.
  6. Correct, it would not. Paint.NET still has many Windows dependencies that aren't even part of .NET. For example: WIC, Direct2D, and DXGI. I'm not sure what Android 10 has to do with anything here. Mouse and keyboard support was added in Android 3.1, and multi-window support was added in Android 6.
  7. You must have Win 10 v1903. In this case, you'll need to run the System File Checker:
  8. Please install the .NET Framework first: Once that has been installed, try to install again. Let us know how it goes.
  9. You need to reinstall the .NET Framework:
  10. @Roger the Dodger, try this and let me know if it works better for you: <Download removed>
  11. Support for the DDS format has been completely redone in v4.2.2. Please try the beta release, and let us know if that resolves your issue.
  12. On September 16, 2019, will go offline. If you have an account with them, go login and download your images before the 16th. TinyPic has already stopped serving images to other websites, so you may see this sad-face image here on the forum: Popular alternatives include: and Imgur. Or better yet, host the images on a domain you yourself control. It's just a matter of time before your chosen service goes offline too (or goes pay only... ImageShack ... Photobucket). Oh, and bye the way, TinyPic is owned by Photobucket.
  13. Howdy, @carpless, Which image format are you saving in? Or do you have this issue with every format? Are you saving images large dimensions and/or many layers? No one is forcing you to update You can decline the updates when prompted. You can also disable update checking in's Settings.
  14. Do you have an Nvidia GPU? If so, try this: NVIDIA control panel. → 3D Settings Management. → Selected graphics processor. Change to: "Auto-select Let us know if that solves the issue.
  15. Please ensure you also have the Platform Update installed:
  16. Your code is not using the source pixels; it's just using the Primary Color for every single pixel.
  17. The plugin was released here:
  18. @Gifcat, please re-download the plugin from here: I have ensured that page now has the corrected build. Let us know if it works.
  19. Sounds like the .ico plugin is generating bad icons. I suggest opening both the original icon and the modified icon in a dedicated icon program, and compare the two icon files side-by-side. Here are some trial programs to use for troubleshooting/investigating: Let us know what you find out.
  20. I believe the pixels within the selection are Transparent White, and the surrounding pixels are Transparent Black. If I remember correctly, there was talk about changing the Magic Wand to treat all Transparent pixel the same, regardless of RGB values. Not sure if/when that will happen.
  21. This looks like an issue with the .NET Framework itself. It is having trouble understanding the App.config file. Which version of Windows 10? Which version of .NET Framework? If you're running Windows 10 1903, then run the sfc command. If you're running an older version of Windows 10, then install .Net Framework v4.8, or update to Windows 10 1903.
  22. I've been using Snippets more and more in Visual Studio. I wanted to add a bunch of them to CodeLab, but I don't think people want the same snippets that I do. So... I'm thinking CodeLab could benefit from a Snippet Manager where you can add your own custom snippets. For example, say you're working on your script, and you realize you need to retrieve the current palette. You can have a snippet called curPal (or whatever), and it would expand into: IReadOnlyList<ColorBgra> CurrentColors = Services.GetService<IPalettesService>().CurrentPalette; As it stands, you have to open the Templates (File -> New), and generate a whole new file. Then you have to copy and paste the relevant line of code from one tab to another. Unless of course you have that palette code memorized, and are willing to type it out. Who wants this? Or is it just me?
  23. OptiPNG is a lossless compressor. It's going to take a long time regardless of the preview. In fact, the preview has nothing to do with the wait.
  24. I assume you just draw over that image, using the bounds outlined on it. You should probably ask the ROBLOX community about this, since most people here don't play that game. If you're just asking about how to draw in Paint.NET, you can read the help files here: