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  1. Drummer Mike Portnoy has left Dream Theater, probably my favorite band of all time...
  2. Nice tutorial. I tried combining it with SargonIII's Gloss Orb tutorial
  3. I second tut/how to. Made some textures which I used in this: Textures:
  4. ^ had post number 2250 < should be going to bed soon v is supposed to do something else (and more serious) than playing games on the Paint.NET forum
  5. And you claimed that other pic was as realistic as you get? This is really cool, the water is superrealistic!
  6. Amazing Falken! Your space art is always original and very VERY good! I'm a fan
  7. Thanks for the comments @ PsychoHarmonic: It's a bit dark in my opinion and I'm not really sure what it's supposed to look like, so I can't say if it's realistic or not. Is it supposed to resemble anything particular?
  8. @ Mayor_McSteeze: Thank you, glad you liked it @ Possum Roadkill: Thank you. As for the AOTW I was quite happy with the outcome, but still I guess I focused mostly on the looks of it whereas it seems Oma often really thinks it through and expresses something through her art. And that's a lot harder to mimic than just the look of something.
  9. I've commented on it before, but can repeat that I think the phone looks excellent. I agree with chrisco97 that it's a bit pixelated/aliased in some areas, but that's the only flaw in a great looking picture. I think the background looks good too, kinda looks like northern lights. Here's one from me: 100% PDN
  10. @ Heat Stroke: Really out of this world! I like it. @ Possum: Nice, I've always liked mysterious pieces with a lot of symbols and stuff. Don't make much abstracts myself, but gave it a go:
  11. @ SedatedRaccoon: Well, there's a lot of ways you can go from there. Depends on what you want to make of it. You could add more symbols or something and make something like in this tut: LINK The four parts of the big circle makes me think you could fill each of those sections with something representing one of the four seasons. (Or you can fill the top two sections with red and the bottom two with white and then you'll have a pok├ęball ) You could also add some texture outside the big circle, maybe something like this: LINK, but keep the smaller circles black inside. It's up to you really, that's just some ideas. Good luck @ ConfuzzledManiac: It depends what your aiming for; just doing some adjustments or more in the photo-retouch area. If you just want to make that picture look better you should try adjusting the levels, brightness/contrast and/or hue and saturation, all in the Adjustments menu in Paint.NET. You could also try cropping the image, in that case you might find this tut useful: LINK To be honest I don't really like you edited image, the two images are not blended together very good, you can even see the horizon through the mountains (or the other way around...). If you want to combine those two photos you can spend some time cutting out the snowy mountains and working them into the sunset picture. That will require some work, both cutting them out and adjusting the colors and lightness to fit the sunset picture, to make it look good and realistic. Good luck
  12. Very nice. I like the colors and the grungy style you've given it. I think it is a bit dark though, but that might just be me.
  13. @ Bizor: Don't really know what it's supposed to be, so dunno if it's very realistic or not. I still like it though, it has a cool futuristic feel to it. Don't think it looks completely finished though, it does have potential so it would be cool to see if you could work it into a bigger picture. @ LFC4EVER: Seeing the thumbnails I thought it was just going to be a clouds, noise, motionblur kind of fur, but that looks really good. The (lighter) wavy hairs stand out in a good way, making the fur look "sharp" and detailed.
  14. Nice tutorial with a cool outcome. If you use median blur with high percentile you get circle-shapes instead of squares. Then you can make something similar to the skin/hide of a toad ! Edit: yup...
  15. For another kind of lightning you can try this tutorial: LINK It's a photoshop tutorial, but easily translates to PDN. Don't know if it fits the dragonball energy orb look though.
  16. I agree with chrisco97; your spaceart is really unique. I love the glow and misty effect on the bigger stars, and the sun/star/explosion on top looks really great.
  17. Could do with some more work, but it's all I've got time for. Now I'm off on vacation
  18. So I tried it out, kind of.. Didn't quite manage to get the splintered effect in your picture, so I rather messed around with it a bit. Even though the outcome differs I think your hexagonal grid base really added a cool effect to the wood, so thanks
  19. Nice discovery welshblue, however accidental. I'll have to try that later.
  20. Sure, I can see the Hexagonal grid in the speaker, but in the wood? Both look really good anyways. I remember when I learned to make wood textures in PDN using noise and motion blur i thought it looked really realistic It's cool, not to mention inspiring, to see how much farther you can take it !
  21. Pretty much perfect, excellent work Falken!
  22. The background turned out really cool.. erm I mean scary! Good job
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