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  1. @ ptuZ Shoe looking good so far. I would maybe try making a texture for the fabric of the shoe and perhaps try to add some more shading to give it a more 3D feeling. As for the horror background I noticed the black or dark gray areas in between the white noise stuff. Maybe you could try to "hide" some scary looking shapes in the picture. Just a suggestion, I think it's pretty cool as it is Here's a small example, a skull shape hidden in a part of your background: Perhaps make it a bit more subtle than what I have done if you chose to do this. Good luck
  2. Very cool Falken. The mist gives it an eerie feel A small solar storm/explosion thingy I made now: Edit: Added an "earthlike" planet
  3. Incredible! Especially the last one
  4. @ chrisco97: like it, but I think you should do something about the wall in the corners to give it a better 3d feel. @ Trine0: Very cool lion Looks like the mane took quite some time to make. It kind of looks like tattoo style type of art, in my opinion. In a good way What's that? You want more space pictures?? Sure thing! Other version with planetary ring: barbieq25, you made me lose the game...
  5. Haven't tried bulge myself but the Lens effect often works good. Just make a circular shaped selection somewhere on your texture and run the effect. Afterward just cut the rest of the texture
  6. yay first entry ! I call it "Incarnation of Opposing Elements set in Universal Arena of Timeless Space"
  7. Cool radio Goonie I think the background and colors really works well with the vintage feel. Big version of my attempt to make a (weird) steampunk-like signature for the SOTW Had to re-size it (obviously) so thought I'd post the original version too Clickable
  8. Turned out kind of wierd, and big. But hey, whaddayougonnado? no stocks
  9. I mostly listen to metal, mostly. But Lady Gaga's awesome
  10. Hidden Content: circular text is still text!
  11. Jeg planlegger å leve evig. Så langt, så bra. Translate: I do not speak ...[insert name of language]
  12. You do but now PDN crashes every time you start it I wish it was summer
  13. It's possible, but is one of those things that gets better the more time you spend making it i guess. Here's one way: 1. Draw the different "levels of ribbon" on different layers using line tool and fill with paint bucket. Here I've used three separate layers for the three folds. 2. Duplicate each of the layers and invert the color. Then you have the same shape only white instead of black in my example. Use the gradient tool with transparency :AlphaChannel: and make the variations in light and shadow. (I also made the black lighter and the white darker) 3. Now your folding ribbon will probably not fit together in all the places, so using brush tool try correcting the minor flaws between the folds. I also added color using curves RGB and made some other minor adjustments. Like I said, the more time you spend the better it gets. Here's one attempt I did, spending a bit more time: Hope this is understandable and a bit helpful Good luck
  14. That's very good for a first realistic picture InteractiveBuddy To make the floor more realistic I would start with going Layers > Rotate/Zoom... and use the Roll/Rotate function to create some perspective. Click image to see bigger version If you want the bars to cast shadows you can make some black lines on a new layer where the bars are. Then blur them and use rotate/zoom Here's a quick example. click it to see it bigger Keep on working with it Edit: Oma both those dragonpics are amazing :shock:
  15. Ryberg360: Interesting picture, I like pictures where concrete things are used to make up an abstract image. At first I didn't really like the colors, still not completely sure how I feel about them , but I guess they kinda add to the image mood/feel somehow Don't usually make abstracts and this was mostly just the result of playing around with some of madjik's texture plugins:
  16. Simple, yet very effective. I really like how it blends in with the background. 8/10 ! (waait... you don't have an avatar!)
  17. I'm not entirely sure i know what kind of brush-effect you want, but if it's like a soft brush you might want to check out this tutorial by wither if you haven't already It's not for the custom brushes plugin, but still
  18. Tried to add some water to my WOTW entry...
  19. It's tileable, and meant to be tiled at desktop. (original size was 500x500, but made it bigger to ensure it was within the size specifications)
  20. Not sure if this is in here so: If you have an aliased circle, radial blur at around 2px is an effective way of "feathering"(easiest if circle's center aligned). If your circle-shaped picture is not one solid color you might mess up the image with this method (obviously) so making a selection using ellipse select, containing all but a few pixels along the edge of your circle. Then invert selection and run radial blur, like so: ^ click it!! ^
  21. @ 0(-.-)0: I like the main text, the colors and glow looks good i do agree with Supermini_man though as far as the reflection goes. @ Supermini_man: I like it. Simple and easy on the eyes. That's often the best thing for a wallpaper (not quite sure what i think about the noise though, but hey, that's just me ) I've seen these space/planet/star-field pictures for quite a while now, but never really took the time to try to make one until a few days ago. They are actually very fun to make (I realize the lighting might be off in this one...) This is (loosely) based on flip's planet texture tutorial and some photoshop tutorial on nebulas.
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