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  1. A browser skin thing I started making. I'm new to skinning and all, but I had fun making it and have learned a lot by experimenting on making buttons and such the last week.
  2. Amazing janettsue I really like the tree ! 8) Am loving the CD-thing verdewd!
  3. Nice Gladi8or2 Here's a signature originally intended for SOTW. Don't really get the minimalism theme :oops: .
  4. @Gladi8or2: Nice! @Vlad: Yay :shock: Am I the only one who noticed...?
  5. Some skin thing I made. It's maybe a bit overkill at the effects, but it's really just an experiment and has been helpful for me, since I've just started learning html. Santa is here! And all this time I thought he didn't exist. :oops:
  6. Nice Trek! Has a kinda futuristic look to it. Thanks. Considering the title, it doen't seem like interesting is the most fitting word to describe a film called House of 1000 corpses But what do I know, I haven't seen it
  7. Jordan rudess from dream theater. just something quick. Never intended to look any good. Images used: Jordan uncle sams hat
  8. :shock: amazing please continue working on this when you're not bored that pic has a lot of potential! the city is on fire! :o
  9. cool, though I have no idea what a benchmark program is... :wink: thanks
  10. Awesomeness jake2k. that's not PDN made is it...? it says apple pie... some sort of futuristic food ordering system...? Looks awesome verndewd There's light at the end of the tunnel: playing with radial and zoom blurs
  11. I never really intended it to be the same, it was just that I was thinking about your sphere when I started making it... Guess I need to explain myself a bit better Thanks for the tips, I'll see what I can do
  12. Originally inspired by Ash's aqua sphere, though it turned out very different.
  13. Thanks all I guess i can make a tut explaining the steps a bit better. I haven't tried any of the methods you have suggested, as I just recently picked this up. I have however actually been wondering whether you're using alpha curves for your metal and chrome effects. edit: Made the tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=21239&p=113589#p113589
  14. I love this plug-in pyro! I found this little method of creating "melting text" or something, and since I haven't got anything better to do; here's a pic overlooking the steps creating the effect.
  15. @oma: Nice like the colors Been experimenting with curves+ and making metal. It's a metal sun over a metal ocean a floor texture thing...
  16. Nice Vlad and MadJik 8) What I've been up to lately: Thanks to Ash's hair/fur/grass tutorial again the outcome of some curves+ experimenting: melting metal....?
  17. Nice DarkShock91! The background reminds me of the album art for the human equation an album by Ayreon.
  18. :oops: i won't anyways, edited this one a bit: and a candle:
  19. nonono, that's way out of my league. It's that standard example photo in windows...
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