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  1. Love it My try (added a fractal render):
  2. Wallpaper is rendering (for some reason it's resized from 1280x800 to 1024x640 when uploaded to photobucket) Stock from Paint.NET (rendering the fire plug-in): link Render: link
  3. An idea for a navigation bar for a web page I'm working on. (Original is not aliased, but I saved in a lower quality.) The plan was to have the image placed on the bottom left and scroll with the page; the boards would be the buttons. Don't think we'll use it though
  4. oooor it could be an antigravity beam thingy from a ufo! :shock: ..or not
  5. This picture is missing a sailboat! ... and a seamonster but I'm too lazy
  6. went for the kinda cartoonish style with this one rather than anything realistic 100 % Paint.NET
  7. No, it will go on strike. How come even the sad ones are called smilies? ( )
  8. interesting image. I think the smoke and leaf idea looks cool. Maybe a bit too much noise in the background, perhaps you could try blurring or something so it doesn't stand out as much. My brother ask me if I could make a silver heart for a necklace. Not quite satisfied with the bottom, but other than that i think it looks okay
  9. am liking those coins oma I saw this photoshop tutorial a couple of weeks back (link), but then forgot all about it. Then yesterday I remembered having seen a tut for making a woofer and made this: It's not made following the tutorial at all as i wasn't connected to the internet at the time. That's just were i got the idea. It eventually became my new signature: The one in the photoshop tutorial is cooler though, so maybe i'll try to make one following the tut...
  10. The animation one was made using Shape3D cylinder with a ball bottom. For the other one I made the shape of the beaker in black and then just a lot of messing around... some reflections were just white lines and then gaussian blur
  11. Yes, that's correct Thanks for the comments. I actually believe I spent more time making this illustration and animation than I did on writing the actual report, but there u go...
  12. I really like that ice cube of yours! do you use Shape3D or something or completely "by hand"? and nice mouse oma Once again a picture for a chemistry report: At first I started making this, but realized that the flask thingy was wrong. So I made it into an animation: It's not very good, but is supposed to resemble the precipitation(?) of sulfur.
  13. thanks for the comments guys I don't very often get inspiration to make things from scratch (anymore), so when I am in need of a figure for schoolwork or anything I tend to use too much time and energy on them It's fun though Been there, but haven't done that. Looks cool, though if you intend the ball-thingy to look like eh.. a ball, you might want to make the dark radial gradient on it, a light radial gradient instead.
  14. Like the mouth thingy :o . How did you make it? (stock or from scratch?) I'll just throw this out here: ^clickable^ Another image I made to another chemistry report...
  15. welshblue: very cool ! i just figured it was about time to change my signature... don't know why i ended up with a helmet thingy though
  16. thanks guys will see if i feel like finishing this later, but doubt it
  17. I like it a lot. It has got that typical "oma-style" to it, but is still something new. Was "painting" with the smudge tool. Got lazy though, so it's not finished and will probably never be. Guess it's not completely abstract, but isn't very realistic either so... named it "dark angel"
  18. Yeah you're totally right how on earth did you know? devonance: You can use the drop shadow plug-in LINK on the bullets
  19. i like it. the texture fits, and love the coffee cup stain (?) in the upper right corner. Are the bullets a part of the newspaper or laying on top? If the last is the case you might want to add some shadows under them. Thought I just throw this out here It's a picture for a chemistry report. We had this experiment at school.
  20. thanks for all comments I tried smudging some hair:
  21. fire and smoke... yeah. Just playing with the smudge plug-in
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