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  1. Dream Theater are teh roxorz l33t-speak> I love Dream Theater, but I'm not listening to them now as I'm in class at the moment
  2. Awesome Naar kulda tar - Arcturus. 'Naar kulda tar' is Norwegian and directly translated means 'When the cold takes'. Sounds pretty lame in English though..
  3. 100% Paint.NET I came to think about Full Metal Jacket when making this.
  4. Very cool tutorial and amazing results! Three tumbs up Here's what I made. I started messing with the results, thus kind of ruining it a bit... Arcturus was a norwegian avant-garde metal band. (it's also a star) For the bulging I used rectangular to polar conversion edit: I like the added color reflection thingy on the metal in your piece, joej45
  5. Extraterrestrial excellence. * *a green man :shock: we're being invaded!
  6. Cool stuff Madjik and Oma :shock: speechless :shock: Edit: Sig avatar combo made after experimenting with polar inversion for the coming SOTW. New avatar (until something better comes up)
  7. So what's the rules now? will the work be approved as long as you have used just a single polar inversion in it, or will the :PolarInversion: have to kind of be the "center" of the sig/the most important thing in the sig? if you know what I mean
  8. Looking awesome oma! As for Dobby I agree with TheSwimmer. :wink: I've decided (finally) to get a new avatar. Until I make a new one this (an edited pic of myself) will be my avatar: recoloured an old image after I read someone wanting letters dipped in gold paint or something. was mainly messing arround though so didn't reply as to how i made it.
  9. Scon(silent e), but I'm not english so what do I know? Computer- or videogames?
  10. Seeing a lot of people converting PS tuts, I went looking for an interesting tut. Found this and kinda liked the effect: http://9tutorials.com/2007/12/02/feather-under-the-water-a-beautiful-effect.html Here's my paint.net remake: Didn't really follow the text-steps, but was rather looking at the pics showing what was done and some more polar playing :
  11. interesting project worldnewser. I like it messing with polar inversion+ think it resembles a bull's head . without horns though Edit: Edited a pic i took with my camera. Thought about using it as a sig background, but didn't finish it original pic (clickable):
  12. I actually thought so too when I made it thanks (V) || .\\ (O.o) (V) the crab is happy
  13. actually used polar inversion for this one. a bit aliased (V)(O.o)(V) <-- the crab
  14. A burning majesty symbol and a christmas card. The sky says "god jul" which is norwegian for merry christmas, and in the bottom left corner it says ""Til" and "Fra" which means To and From.
  15. Just wanted to let you know that I could kill to make an hedgehog like yours ! Thanks Must admit it was much luck that it turned out as it did, as I had no clue about what i was making in the beginning. I just kind of went with it. I like your pic too It made me smile Continue experimenting and making stuff. you're headed the right direction :wink:
  16. Amazing work My friend bjorn really diggs it. He's into 3d modeling and stuff.
  17. Nice oma , that must have taken quite some time. Made this with the previously posted newtons cradle thingy. Didn't have internet when I made it, so my background image options where limited Here's what inspired me:Dream Theater's Octavarium cover art (link)
  18. I want one of those for christmas! Pretty sweet design. Looking forward do seeing the finished results :wink: Something I worked on for the Representation Contest. Tried to add some reflections
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