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  1. Flight of the Conchords - Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros on Youtube
  2. You should try the lens effect. i made a magnifying glass once and found it looked better. Might be different with your pic though mine (with lens effect): edit: and...ye happy valentine's day everyone
  3. That's not what I did, but sounds like that would work as well. If so that method is easier than what I did edit: made a quick tut on torn edges for another user per PM if anyones interested. I'm sure it's not the only nor the best way of making torn edges, but PM me if you'll like to know this method @ oma: :shock: that sounds (and looks) like a lot of work :o
  4. he's really coming along well oma! Do you make the whole thing in a single .pdn or do you like make the head in one, then copy it over to the main file when finished? if you get what i'm asking about... That floor is really cool jerkfight
  5. experimented with making torn edges edit: still experimenting and the mended version, of course
  6. I try to submit, but every time someone new has posted something Ok, let's see Very cool Madjik and aile me likes ...also liking the sig martje ...and Trek's pic
  7. so they won't sneak out at night Why am I doing this instead of my homework?
  8. i guess... :? You look more like Voldie... Voldie...? :? who and what is that? edit: ah I see. Vold(i)emort or...?
  9. Somebody I know thought I looked like Harry Potter. Can't say I agree, but I whipped up this image for fun. Never intended to look very professional, so didn't care too much about details or to cut people out properly, I just used gradients with transparency mode instead Here's the original:
  10. That's really cool It seems I have retouched an already retouched image... If you zoom in at the stock image I used, you can see that the blue in her eyes goes outside the iris...
  11. experimenting with retouching. Here's the original: http://www.beautyconcept.no/assets/en_face1.jpg
  12. :shock: Very cool and realistic, both of you! awesome
  13. Welcome to the forum PDN182 Looks cool. good job Played some more with this:
  14. I thought it looked like a couple sitting and watching the sunset, therefore my suggestion of warm colors. Furthermore i agree with aile concerning the land. I was picturing something like this for the "underside" of the land: PS. I didn't make this, just googled "flying island" :wink:
  15. If it's supposed to be romantic and stuff, I would have chosen different colors for the background. Maybe some warm colors like a super-romantic sunset or something. Then again, this doesn't sound too romantic: or maybe that's just me... OK... just trying out stuff:
  16. Looking good worldnewser keep working on it. looking forward to seeing the finished product been a while since i posted here, and would have preferred coming back with a bang, but here's all I got at the moment: Have been more practical uses of paint-net lately, as in school work and such, so haven't really made much "Pictorium-able"
  17. well... my friends think so TPBM is listening to music while reading this
  18. For now it seems that Fire_Ants is the only one who hasn't used one or more heart(s) in their sig. People have been creative though. I feared it would just be a lot of hearts and pink-like colors around, but this looks very good so far
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