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  1. _____________________________________________________________________ (04/12/2017) It's time for a piece of chocolat cake!
  2. Hi, I'm having trouble with radiobuttons (same for dropdownlist). In CodeLab I can change the value in the UI part of the code RadioButtonControl Amount6 = 4; // [1] Shadow|None|Black|White|White+Black|Black+White Once built the Radiobutton is set to 0 ('None')
  3. 4000x2000 you should forget about screenshots if you don't have a screen with that resolution!
  4. Then you understand that @Ego Eram Reputo could suggest to do it manually for "only" 40 slides. Still I count now 400 images to handle with. Have you already use an animated gif program with as much as 400 images? What is the size of 1 single image in pixel ? x400 ?
  5. Reading your code I count 40 images. For my gif I use a screenshot capture. It saves each frames with a number...
  6. Hi @Daniel67400 As you use LibreOffice, I suggest you type in all your text in a document to refere to it later if necessary. If you create a table you could also have some more columns for the location x,y on the map, the font size, the full text if you use short terms, etc...
  7. _____________________________________________________________________ (25/11/2017) Winter is coming... A wallpaper for my smartphone (original is 1080x1920)
  8. Made from my shape plugin (set number of step to 1) + other gradients + layers blend modes + TG angle etc. It renders best on dark background For some small realism détails, I took from a Google search a snowy landscape image blended to the picture...
  9. @lynxster4 I was just thinking about give a quick answer to @welshblue but surely @Ego Eram Reputo would have done that few hours later... Earth is turning...
  10. @Ego Eram Reputo neat code! @xod and @Eli Ihave used fill from clipboard for this: (the selection must be equal to the cell + 1 line width)
  11. Could you provide some sample picture? That also could help us to help you.
  12. Thank you. I used Effect/Noise/Medium and lots of blending modes. + Effect/Stylize/Overliner for the dark lines.
  13. This is a 800x600 detail from a 5000x5000 abstract image (visit my deviant art). This is a 600x600 version of the original image.
  14. Hi, Having : -strip width to 20 -Spacing to 0 -Rotation to 30-60 (must be non-zero) and Shadows Thickness sliding from 20 to 1 : Exception details: System.DivideByZeroException: Attempted to divide by zero. at WovenPhoto95Effect.WovenPhoto95EffectPlugin.Render
  15. Or you could take a screenshot of text, paste in paint.net, enlarge/resize, use built-in effect Frament and add noise :
  16. @Seerose & @LionsDragon I've not problem with coffee and cake, I appreciate the virtual rewards, even if I not often give some to others...
  17. Sorry, I don't read german/deutch As I create some plugins I also use them... Thank you all
  18. No Woven Photo used here... I started with Make some abstract with PDN v1 https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/111905-make-some-abstract-with-pdn-v1-2017-10-21/ but with more lines and crossing lines like + polar inversion + seamless texture maker + lot of other things...
  19. _____________________________________________________________________ (11/11/2017) Abstracts
  20. Hello, Paint.net isn't vector graphic editor. You could rescale an image with different qualiy choice. But what do you want at the end on your 4000x4000 canvas? 1 big snowflake or the canvas filled with small snowflakes. For 1 just rescale an image For a lot you could use Fill from file or File from clipboard.
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