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  1. I decided to try working with Paint.Net while watching YouTube using Chrome - thankfully, this browser doesn't affect the Paint performance.
  2. Turns out, working with Paint.Net doesn't affect Youtube videos when the the videos are played in Internet Explorer, instead of FireFox.. So.. Paint.Net is having a issue with videos played in FireFox.. I turned off all add-on's in Firefox, but the issue still persisted, so I'll be watching videos in IE while working with Paint. But that's fine, I'm glad I came up with a solution. ^_^
  3. I'm not sure about plug-ins. I'll check them out and see if it will help. Thank you for you everyone for the suggestions. I appreciate it. I'll add an up-date..
  4. I'm new to Paint.net (which I love using so far), but Paint is interfering with videos I'm playing. I like to listen YouTube videos while I'm coloring or drawing images, but every time I moved the mouse - to color or use the line/curve tool - the video sound in the background video glitches or pauses... That truly is very aggravating / stressing.. I was wondering if any one else is familiar with this problem or how o fix it? :/
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