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  1. Thanks for hosting @Pixey - and That Scull - your second entry - isn't it Glossy? Would vote for it twice if I could... Dear voters, thanks for your votes! I made mine on the run (finally got access to the forum one day before the lock - never mind - just wish I'd spent more time w/em). Was surprised to see the lack of participants - no Max no Lynx no MJ no Water Lily no YM etc. I bet y'all would end up with better bones than moi (c). Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the tutorial @lynxster4! Your Gemini is just won-der-ful. What @xod and @Pixey made look totally realistic to me. Honestly people you are magicians
  3. Thank you @Pixey - always welcome 💜 Enjoy your days - I'll be working on that
  4. @ReMake and @LionsDragon - thank you for the reps 💜 @lynxster4 - and you! 💜 Baaad way, good heart (or vice versa). That reminded me of Ocean's Eight... "Lipstick. What do you think?" -- "Pink. Yeah. Barbie." -- "?!?" -- "In a good way!" -- "Thank you." PS. You cracked me up here (in a great way). #Hugs
  5. Head In The Clouds playing with the built-in treasure and some other effects Sunset Tree Color Dystopian Still Got The Blues March Mouse Apple In The Dawn The first one was inspired by @Ash's classic tutorial. The last one - by @Pixey's new gift to us. Stay tuned & thanks for your visit.
  6. @lynxster4 and @LionsDragon thank you but "they" are not mine - I must have been not clear enough Mine is the first one while the six thumbnails are what @yellowman added to the first post but the links are broken now. I agree they are great - so I opened their urls (tricky) and saved them to re-upload. Tutorial resurrection After the links get fixed (I hope) I'll remove the thumbnails from my comment to prevent possible misunderstanding. PS. You are kind
  7. Thank you very much for the tutorial. And thanks @LionsDragon for mentioning it, too. Here is my first draft: PS. I kinda saved the example images from *hoto*ucket and sorta reuploaded them to PostImage. Maybe one of the mods or @yellowman himself would like to edit the first post & fix the broken links - you know, for inspiration EDIT: Links were added so I remove them - thank you @Pixey
  8. Variations. Once again, thank you @Pixey. And you @lynxster4
  9. Signora @Pixey PDNarto - thanx for sharing some magic w/us mortals I was obedient at the Basic stage and slightly improvising with Decorations
  10. Congratulations to everyone Thank you for hosting @lynxster4 - aren't you one of the best TLC providers ever? Dear People Who Voted - thanks for your votes It's always so interesting to see different approaches and styles. Each one is cool in its own way. @Pixey - your symbolic jigsaw entry talks to me - was really impressed when I saw it. Thanks for the inspiration
  11. @Ego Eram Reputo thanks for the links - really clear and detailed (I kinda know the trick but I have never known it better than now 😃 ) Perhaps the key was IPv4 AND IPv6 - either switch both or uncheck one. We'll see next time... Or the global reason that explains anything: If only I could install a coder's brain and double boot... Must be so much fun 😈
  12. Right?! I mean, it happens once in a few months with a random site, like a music blog or another software site/forum (but never PDN). And the site is never down or under construction - it is always "just me" And it lasts for weeks - never for a day or two. Finally I stop checking and after a while - boom! They are back. None of the typical solutions has ever helped to fix it. Obviously so but it lies deeper than I can figure out. Nah... I wish it was that easy. I got 'clear history when Firefox closes' (cookies and cache) and still, clearing is the
  13. Hi everyone For some reason I just couldn't open the forum and the blog for about two weeks. Kept getting the same error - The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. Please try again later. The antivirus was silent btw. Tried different browsers - reset DNS cache - temporarily disabled ABP - zero results. 'IsTheSiteDown' said it was just me. Tried proxy - it did load but extremely slow and without images (and I could not log in, of course). Today it's suddenly okay again - both Rick's blog and the forum load fine. Logged in here from the second attempt. I jus
  14. Don't you stop because your results are always fineeee.
  15. I always wondered how you makin' them... so good
  16. Some of them do... Thank you @lynxster4 - best wishes to you.
  17. Thank you @Pixey - all the best to you & to those making you happy - ever - because they're doin' the right thing
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