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  1. Thank you @lynxster4 and #AllGreat should be a tag to your creations. Thank you for the rep @Eli !! Take care and find some joy with
  2. Take care Red and thanks again for your great plugins!
  3. Thank you @Pixey - yeah, I've stolen one of your smileys 'cause it's adorable... Arty things create themselves - I'm following their will. Take care!
  4. Twin Pics These pictures are "twins" because they had the same base but were finished in two different ways. Sometimes it's hard to choose between the two ideas / effects / details. 1-2 are based on my favorite tutorial by @Red ochre. Arty Thing and the new one, Grow, can add a nice touch to it. 3-4 are Dryads. Well, you can see Cobweb and some others there, too. 5-6 were made with the help of Arty Thing and Grow again. Shapes by... guess who? @lynxster4 7-8 roa
  5. bumping to end the page which is image heavy enough - nevermind - update on Page 6
  6. @butterfly8000, it can happen when you switch between the PDN window and some tutorial you're working with (browser tab or pdf file, doesn't matter). As you switch back and forth, Layers and History windows sort of disappear in the air... The solution is what @Pixey said -
  7. This is very sad. And scary. Just thinking of how you have to deal with it every day, every moment... I've been having eyesight issues since childhood (everything looked like Gaussian Blur at 50) but the surgery helped to some extent... What YOU feel is hard to imagine. And you still create through that. Let's hope that in 3-4 weeks the situation changes for the better... but nobody is sure of anything. Take care, girl.
  8. Red's Callicolour and Slinky
  9. @Reptillian it's cool, thanks for sharing! 🎵🎶 (Reminded me of 100 Years / East London somehow...)
  10. Another great plugin! Endless variations of what can be done - especially combined with Arty or Scribble + blending. I apologize for too many examples but these are just a few 😈
  11. Thank you @Maximilian and @LionsDragon !!
  12. Thank you @Drydareelin - I have a great example to get inspired.
  13. Beauty in disguise. Your updates are always enjoyable. And it's so YOU to paint every little detail in it's own special way - just like here. EDIT: you two did a great job and the result is double-impressive.
  14. Thank you very much @lynxster4, @Pixey, @Red ochre, @ReMake. Had no idea - well, with your love for 'all things computers', one shouldn't be surprised. 🚀🛰️ Maybe like = 'I like it' - and upvote = 'I think others should see this content, it's worth it'. The 'like' button is more about your personal impression or attitude while 'upvote' is sort of 'voting for'. PS. I'm an 'out-of-rep freak now - tomorrow I'll like you all back. Be safe.
  15. Two songs in one - 'Sweet Dreams' and 'Seven Nation Army'. Starts at 0:20
  16. Planet Caravan (my recent cosmic sketches - big and small - no stock, 100% PDN) Space Bar Illumination Difference Hide Me Starry Night Under Influence Furry Blurry PowerShell Special thanks to @Drydareelin - I wasn't really into space art until I saw your gallery (and your tutorials, too). @Ego Eram Reputo - thank you again for Planetoid, it rocks! @ReMake - thank you for Spacescape that kind of summarizes the must-have tips &
  17. The abstract wallpaper is mesmerizing and just looking pro - c'mon Trevor make more! (And I've missed 'whimsical' which is fantastic.)
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