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  1. Thanks Lynx -- hope you're okay, take care! I just do what I can...
  2. Thank you @ReMake for the rep! Thank you @Pixey for ✔️ and - that's totally mutual. Vagabondies come and go -- PDN remains.
  3. The mystery of talent. Making this during "a little break". I'm sure that in a parallel universe you own a jewel shop - best in the country. They are so classy and individual.
  4. Four Quarters just 4 images - each is made of 4 parts 1. Isolation 2. Connection 3. Oblivion 4. Creation Thanks for your visit. Be safe. Be creative.
  5. Yes, it's easier now to color the image - and several layers are not even necessary! You can use one (below "scracth) as a painter's palette adding more and more colors (and picking them again from this "palette" any time, too). Thank you @ReMake!
  6. My favorite of the 'Close-Ups'. Guitar + Bass = Feast...
  7. This effect is great for making textures of snow, sand and what not. Can be an alternative to Clouds in many cases. And thank you for the new version!
  8. Best wishes to you @ReMake! Be healthy and enjoy what you do!
  9. Thank you very much @lynxster4 !!!! Good hunting to you wherever you go. Be safe
  10. @Pixey, @Maximilian and @Red ochre - thank you very much!!! Animal Texture for the shell (+ TR's DrumSkin for its shape) and Cell Texture for the skin. Glad that you like the Turtle (and been uplifted). Remember you've started it all... 🍒 ...said a very prolific artist who prefers to be free as a bird (but maybe one day a galler... okay, silence). Red, I'm touched to hear that from someone like you - the paintings on your site impress me every time and speak volumes about your talent. Btw the wood texture in 'Uncertainty' is y
  11. April Mix They are 100% PDN and it's funny how six months ago I could do literally nothing of these. Time flies. Again, thanks everyone for everything - inspiration and challenges, tutorials and shapes, great plugins and one-of-a-kind software! On The Edge Like A Mirror Burning Melting Dark Rose Nature Morte In Between Uncertainty and, finally, a friendly reminder Thanks for your visit -- Take care! -- PDN rul
  12. What about Table + Oblique? (I know they are two plugins but the result is absolutely easy to control. A couple of clicks.)
  13. Thank you @ReMake - playing with this technique is fun! (My favorite trick is dublicate the layer - apply Relief and/or Motion Blur - and blend them adjusting the opacity.) Btw sometimes the photo background can be useful as it is - depends on what you need.
  14. Lynx! You are okay, aren't you? The white flower is lovely - glassy - soft and gentle - yet strong. Like hope itself. That's what people need now. The creamy icing you create always creates h-u-n-g-e-r. Eyes in heaven. Candywoman @lynxster4 - please stay safe and thank you.
  15. Cosign. Also thinking of historical dark days... like, is it XXI century yet? And not only "heart"... Red, it's good to see you're okay and creating. I like them very much.
  16. That's my gal. Thank you @LionsDragonand take care! YES??
  17. Thank you @lynxster4, @Pixey and @ReMake. It was the Fog that started it all... Inferno was the most unexpected - the magic of PDN - just tried another blend mode and omg. Take care y'all!
  18. Oh dear. First anti-sconism, then this. Dark days have come...
  19. RAVEN I think the original image was one of MS wallpapers. I applied @Red ochre's Scribble (scratch board preset) - highly recommended! - then played with blending and some other effects - like Tesserae or Boxfitting - including a couple of depricated plugins which still work fine most of the time fog indigo hot metal glow golden green inferno dark wood amethyst Thanks for your visit - hope you are doing fine.
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