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  1. Played with this tutorial a lot but never was satisfied with the results. Now, at last. Thank you so much @Red ochre - and everyone who posted here - for the inspiration!
  2. Yes but it copies all layers - including the layer with the object you want to change. Visually it's not very convenient. (You'd want only the background in the plugin window - to see the changes you're making with the object). And merging/unmerging just takes a few seconds. It becomes your second nature as soon as you got the trick. Works fine with Grid Warp, Smudge, Liquify etc.
  3. In fact, you can see the full image working with Grid Warp (and some other warp plugins like Liquify). Copy the background. Then open the layer you want to distort in Grid Warp. Right click on the canvas. Choose 'from clipboard'. If there are several layers with parts of the image - just merge them down. Select all and copy. (The full image goes to clipboard.) Undo the merging (History window). Now the layers are separate again. Open the layer you want to adjust in Grid Warp. Right click and choose "from clipboard". You'll see the full background
  4. Join the question/request. If possible, that would be cool and produce more accurate results.
  5. Thanks @Anybloodyid - PDN plugins are another universe!
  6. Interesting. Solid black turning into texture with one click.
  7. I wish @cjmcguinness was here (thank you wherever you are - this tutorial is wonderful).
  8. #ReMakeStyle Thank you, this can be definitely useful.
  9. I'd think of Egret but not sure - maybe @Maximilian would tell... Saved the original photo from Flickr a couple years ago. What's great about Cuboids is randomness of height and position in the settings. That's what I miss in other plugins like Mosaic or Tesserae. So thank u once again.
  10. A little tribute to this plugin (as I've finally learned how-to... ) Thanks a lot @Red ochre!
  11. @Michelle R in addition to what @Pixey said, there's one more plugin called Distort This! - give it a try, it can work as "Fix This", too.
  12. Thank you @lynxster4 Because abstract is not my forte. It was meant to be the golden chariot metaphor for the sun. One wheel kinda cuts the moon and lets the light in, that is. No wonder that you think that Bambi should want to make out of such environment. PS. Hugs and welcome back from your 'vacation'!
  13. Gotta love how they combine the electronics and the guitar. I'd spend twice more time inside this composition and not get bored.
  14. Thank you @Pixey! They're wishing you all the best. 🐸🐸🐸
  15. Fire With Fire Only two images today - but I kinda like them. Both were made with the help of Fire! and FurBlur. Gradient Bars, Gears and Planetoid were involved, too. And 100% PDN. Night Forest Chariot Thanks for your visit. Take care.
  16. The magic of this song when you suddenly remember that it exists...
  17. Same. But if the Legend says that, too, it's kind of okay, right? Thank you.
  18. This song used to be my alarm clock ringtone. πŸ–€ The only bad thing about that was its lullaby-ish potential...
  19. This room feels very much like a place to wait for something - with hope for the better. Original and cheerful. I like your attention to details - as always. We'll have to go through this time somehow, won't we... May all dragons and lions and other wonderful creatures take care and stay okay, in spite of everything.
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